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March 30, 2012

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Warriors (AP Piombino) Spediporto accusation to practice "lobbysmo without culture" when it asks the reduction for the number of the Italian Harbor Authorities

"It afflicts to Us - the president of from Tuscany port explains - to see to propose the liquidation of positive, vital and useful experiences for many territories and the entire economy of E regions of the Country"

The president of the Harbor Authority of Piombino, Luciano Warriors, accusation Spediporto, the association of the genoese shippers, to practice a kind of ""lobbysmo without culture", that he tries to impose "the law of more hard"" when asks the reduction for the number of the Italian Harbor Authorities.

The president of from Tuscany harbor agency refers to some declarations of the president of Spediporto, Roberta Oliaro, released in the margin of the shareholders' meeting of the association that has held Wednesday slid to Genoa ( of 28 March 2012, "Forum of the Shipping and the Logistics"). In particular, the number one of Spediporto has been stopped on the cost of the Harbor Authorities emphasizing the necessity to eliminate of some being concentrated the resources on those of the ports that enliven important traffics.

"Ago truly sadness - retort Warriors - than the president of one of the territorial associations of the "shipment more prestigious houses" of our Country, the Spediporto of Genoa, individuals between the main topics for own assembly the number to its excessive opinion of the Italian Harbor Authorities proposing of therefore the reduction, when even the carried arguments in support of the aforesaid thesis, supply us elements in order to refute it. In the first instance - it explains Warriors - memory that the Harbor Authority is a model of government of a port that ago reference also to previewed dimensional aspects however from the law, but that under others aspects of it prescinds, so much so that in Europe there are ports center of Harbor Authority of enormous dimensions, but also more little ones of our smaller port with Harbor Authority. In this picture the Harbor Authorities act as subject dynamic and play an important role to the aim to promote development plans or actively participating with other institutional and economic to important programs of national and international interest, coherent actors with the regional and local objectives".

"It afflicts to Us - the president of the Harbor Authority of Piombino continues - to see to propose the liquidation of experiences positive, vital and useful for many territories and the entire economy of E regions of the Country with arguments of insufficient consistency and such to reveal a brutally aggressive approach towards a part of the harbor truths of the Country that could be interpreted like "lobbysmo without culture", that it tries to impose "the law of more hard". I will return on this topic in order to develop it in a successive occasion. For the time being I observe in the merit that is sure true that on 9,5 million teu enlivened in Italy the great majority is worked in the ports of the arc North the West (Savona, Genoa, La Spezia and Livorno), in the ports of the East North (Ravenna, Venice and Trieste) and in the ports of transhipment (Gioia Tauro, Cagliari and Taranto). But it is also sure true that the traffic container less represents (in tons) of 30% of the total traffics goods and that some ports center of Harbor Authority have chosen an own specialization. He is therefore amazing to read that, to judgment of Spediporto, the Harbor Authorities of remaining "the 11 ports", they would go suppressed because "their traffics would be limited", citing exactly Augusta (according to Italian port for liquid bulk) and Messina (first Italian port for the passengers)".

"It is moreover little meaningful - it finds Warriors - to recall the expense of the institutional organs regarding the expense of the staff being able to object that the index out-tops where the expense of the staff is more contained. More in general terms, the organs of a Harbor Authority represent quotas "Share capital" that can produce added value for the Country and own territory and are disheartening and misleading, besides demagogic, a judgment that gushes from the mere costs without relation with the produced benefits".

"If we make reference the difficult phase that Italy is crossing and to the normative provisions put for the time being in field from the government Mounts - emphasizes Warriors - the engagement of all in order to go beyond and obtaining a true autonomy would have to be strengthened financial institution of more competitive the Harbor Authorities and in order to return our job more efficient and our ports. Al moment is however our task to work in order to allow the objectives contained in the norms gushed from the risk default ("decrees Development", "Law of Stability", "Charter of the Enterprises", "Saves Italy", "Grows Italy", "Simplifies Italy")".

"Perhaps Spediporto - the president of the Harbor Authority of Piombino concludes - will consider more profit to indicate insufficient objectives than simple redistribuzione of and insignificant public resources deriving from the debatable indicated actions, but we prefer to collect very other challenges, like that of the application of the several forms of partenariato public private for the performance of the previewed infrastructural plans in the regional, national and European programs, in the respect of the transparency and the corrected competition of market".

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