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April 02, 2012

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CNA-Fita anticipates a vindicative platform in order to face the emergency fuel

Four proposals: reintroduzione of the mobile octroi, sterilization of the Vat on the octrois, reimbursement is quarterly that anniversary of the octrois for road haulage and intensification of the controls on the distributive chains

The Italian government "must immediately take part in order to defuse the indiscriminate increase of the prices to the pump that goes ahead from months". A vindicative platform asks CNA-Fita today introducing in order to face the emergency fuel.

"The price of the diesel oil to the pump - the association of the road haulage explains - already has exceeded the psychological threshold of 1,80 euros to the liter and flies towards the two euros. The last relative news to the determination of foreign politics of the United States in confronts of Iran does not certainly leave very to hope". "Besides the volatility of the prices of the barrel the concomitant causes of this emergency, that it is literally killing the Italian enterprises of road haulage - finds CNA-Fita - are the increase of the taxation on the fuels that beginning from last April 2011 it has seen to increase the octrois and the Vat is on a national level how much regional one. The companies consequently, being reduced the consumption, have to they increased time the prices taking advantage of a situation of absolute control of the distribution".

In order to face this difficult situation, "in attended - the association specifies - than it passes to the liberalization of the contained distribution fuels in I decree "Saves Italy" and that of it estimates successively the real incidence and valence", CNA-Fita invites the government to activate itself timely on four foreheads: with the reintroduzione of the mobile octroi, with sterilization of the Vat on the octrois, previewing the reimbursement is quarterly that anniversary of the octrois for road haulage and intensifying the controls on the distributive chains.

In particular, it observes the association, the reintroduzione of the mobile octroi "would not cost null to the budget of the State, because it could be used the extrajettison at sea embedded in these three months. It could - CNA-Fita evidences - so be stopped the rises and debit at least a sign. The mobile octroi consists in fact own in a reduction of the octrois (in 2008 quarterly) was compensated by the greater entrances of the Vat that the State embeds to every increase of fuels".

Moreover, according to CNA-Fita, "it would be opportune to reduce the octrois lessened level allowed from the communitarian directives and however, in this situation of extreme emergency - the association proposes - it is necessary to subject to the Vat the single industrial price of fuels. Only in this way end to the unjust one would be set and literally embarrasses system of the taxes on the taxes respecting the inspirational principle of the action of the government Mounts: the fairness".

CNA-Fita asks also the government, that the quarterly reimbursement of the octrois has already allowed, "to maintain also the possibility to demand it every year". The association remembers to have to such introduced purpose a its amendment that because of the confidence is not passed. "The double possibility, moreover technically of easy application - CNA-Fita emphasizes - would afford to the small companies to demand the reimbursement without having for this to face onerous practical operating expenses of the quarterly one. In this type of norms it is necessary to be able to contemplate the various requirements of the structured enterprises and not".

At last CNA-Fita invites the government "to put in field every possible instrument of control in order to blanket the typical behaviors of the economic trusts that through the prices "tax" impoverish our economy. To such fine - the association explains - we demand that the controls of the Customs corps are intensified and that the Antitrust can verify if and as economic trusts in the management of the price of fuels to the pump exist".

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