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May 7, 2012

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New initiatives of Jaccar Holdings in the field of the marine transport of gas and bulk sand banks

Previewed a total investment of approximately 900 million dollars

Jaccar Holdings, investment trust of Jacques de Chateauvieux, president of the French group Bourbon whiskey, has decided to widen own range in the field of the marine transport of gas and bulk sand banks. With such objective Greenship Holdings, society of Singapore integrally controlled from Jaccar Holdings, has constituted the two filial detailed lists Greenship Gas and Greenship Bulk.

The initiative previews to put with a fleet of 30 new ships to employ in the two fields with a total investment of approximately 900 million dollars.

Greenship Gas at the end stops 100% of the capital stock of the Evergas Danish, society been born with the acquisition of Eitzen Gas and Eitzen Ethylene Carriers from Jaccar happened Holdings last year. Currently Evergas possesses and work a fleet of eight ships to etileniere of the ability to 10.000-17.000 cubic meters and will take in delivery until others 12 new ships of the same type, of the ability to 12.000-17.000 cubic meters, beginning from January 2013. Moreover Evergas under construction has six ships of 5.000 cubic meters that will be taken in delivery in the course of this year. All the new constructions are ordered to the Chinese ship yard Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering, that it is controlled by the same Jaccar Holdings.

Greenship Bulk instead has entered in possession the entire property of the French group Setaf Saget, previously of property of the JL Bottaro & Associates (society that had it previously acquired from the group Bourbon whiskey), than work a fleet of approximately 40 rinfusiere and that it will continue to being managed from its founder Jean-Louis Botaro. Setaf Saget has ordered to the Chinese ship yard Yangzhou Dayang Shipyard a first series of eight new to rinfusiere Ultramax of 63.000 gross capacities in tons, of which the first two they are taken in delivery the past month.

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