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April 26, 2012

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The employment of deep the Europeans for harbor infrastructures is anything but effective

It evidences a relation of the European State Audit Court. Effective investments only in 11 of the 27 examined plans

I use of deep the Europeans for the development and the modernization of harbor infrastructures is anything but effective. It evidences the European State Audit Court that has drafted a special relation on the topic from which it turns out that the investments of the structural Bottoms and the Bottom of cohesion for infrastructures of transport in the marine ports in the period of programming 2000-2006 have turned out effective single in 11 of the 27 which examined plans. Moreover a third party of the controlled plans did not have objectives relating to the field of the transports.

The audit is carried out in nine regions of the four Member States to which the majority of the deep ones is assigned. The number of regions controlled for each nation is proportional to the quota deep to it the destined ones. Therefore four regions in Spain (Andalusia, Asturias, the Canaries and Galizia are selected), two in northern and southern Greece (Aegean islands), two in Italy (Sicily, Puglia) and in France (High Normandia). For every region, between the investments in infrastructures of transport for notified marine ports to the EU commission, they are selected, on accidental base, three plans to subject on the spot to a control.

To conclusion of the audit, besides the inefficiency of some plans, the State Audit Court EU has stated that in some cases the infrastructures previewed from the plans were not even in use and that four important plans, whose value piles to 70.8% of the amount controlled total, to the age of the audit was not completed. Eleven of the 23 completed plans were completed for time, while in the others 12 cases the construction intense activities were carried to term with a medium delay of 26 months. Moreover the relation evidences that for five of the completed plans, that they represent almost the half of the controlled amounts, the infrastructures will demand ulterior conspicuous investments for being able to be used in effective way.

Between 2000 and 2006 euro with of the structural Bottoms is piled to 2,8 billion and the destined Bottom of cohesion to infrastructures for the marine ports, field - that total one of the marine transport - that it inside represents the second modality of transport for importance of the EU, where the transport on rubber still is predominated. 85.5% of the deep totals available for the ports have been destined to four nations. Moreover ulterior 3,4 billion euros are assigned to investments for marine ports in the course of the period of financing 2007-2013.

As a result of the audit the European State Audit Court has formulated a series of recommendations to the EU commission in order to improve the effectiveness of the investments in the marine ports, which: to remember to the Member States that is held to second use deep of the EU the criteria of the healthy management financial institution (to such fine the Commission would have to supply appropriate guidelines and to diffuse the best praxes found in the Member States, being encouraged in particular the systematic use, from the authorities of management, pointers of impact and result); to introduce the principle that subordinates the concession of the financing EU to the attainment of the expected results and to make so that also the visits on the spot concern substantially on effectiveness issues; to strengthen the procedure of appraisal for the great plans and the plans of the Bottom of cohesion to the aim to improve the survey of serious weaknesses and the adoption of appropriate measures in order to place remedy to you; in the next period of reference, to subordinate the concession of the aid previewed from politics of cohesion to the existence of a total strategy in the long term for the harbor development (based on the appraisal of must) for all the ports of the region.

To this last purpose, for that it concerns to Italy, the relation emphasizes that "at the beginning of period 2000-2006 did not exist in Italy some strategy of planning for the harbor investments, neither to regional level neither on a national level. A "general Plan of the transports and the logistics" - the State Audit Court remembers EU - is approved of in December 2002 and is still in vigor, not being established some successive plan. In 2003 a working team is instituted in order to synchronize the investments and on a national level regional".

Commenting the outcome of the audit realized in order to estimate the effectiveness of I use it of deep the Europeans for harbor infrastructures, the general secretary of the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) has found that "the relation demonstrates because it is necessary to at least carry a part of the investment of the Bottom of cohesion for the transport under the control of Connecti Europe Facility. This - Patrick Verhoeven has explained - will contribute to assure that the priorities in the within of the trans-European nets of the transports come effectively respected. Moreover we consider that the Commission would have to develop a transparent methodology in order to demonstrate the added value for the EU of the deep ones in terms of efficiency of the transport, sostenibilità and/or cohesion".

Division, for Member States, of the financings for a reason or purpose of the structural Bottoms and the destined Bottom of cohesion to the infrastructure realization of transport in marine ports (period 2000-2006)

Member States

Which co-financed amounts
(in euro)

% of




























Low countries









United Kingdom



Transfrontaliera cooperation in the EU



Interregional cooperation of the EU






Fonte: EU commission, head office of regional Politics.

Riepilogativa table of the plans selected for Italy


Title of the plan

Contained and objective of the plan

Type of plan (C/P/S/U1)

Cost total (in euro)

Co-financing EU (in euro)



22. Completion of the tourist port of Vieste.

Intense activities of construction (extension of the dock, dredging, construction of various buildings, a road of access and systems of nets) for a tourist port in a position to accommodating 447 yachts, to the aim to improve the infrastructures that important tourist areas (in a period serve precedence are spold others 497 705 deep euros of EU).




23. Completion of interporto of Bari Lamasinata - II the phase.

Construction of three warehouses and a directional building, let alone of roads, areas of parking, arranges and railway nets, services of public usefullness within a interportuale area more wide time to the integrated development of the regional net of the intermodalità, to the aim to favor the modal re-balance in favor of the railroads and of the sea (part of a contribution EU of 30 675 263 euros for entire the great plan).




24. Strengthening of the connection and the railway services in the external harbor area of Brindisi.

Railway Operas (I renew of the railroads, strengthening of the beds of the railroads, reactivation of old lines and connection with the harbor area) directed to the “development of an integrated system of services of logistics and distribution in a position to favoring the logon between the axis internal North-South to the E region the communication with the other guiding ones of the international corridors n. 8 and n. 10”. The plan has use of a contribution EU of 36 720 480 euros distributed in favor of the entire local program.





25. Messina-Tremestrieri - Construction of two points of berthing and relative connection to the freeway.

Construction of two points of berthing of 150 meters in an internal basin of 12 000 m2 proceeds by means of dredging; internal large square used after parking, services and tunnel in order to reduce the traffic (in particular of heavy means), the congestion and the pollution in the urbanize area of Messina.




26. Commercial port of Augusta.

Harbor intense activities (docks, you berth Ro-Ro, buildings, sidewalks, barriers, systems of nets) in order to allow with the commercial port to become a logistically and economically valid alternative for the traffic that crosses the strait of Messina and helter-skelter to attract to the traffic of container and cargos. The intense activities re-enter in a harbor plan more wide one, of the value of 130 million euros, for the completion of infrastructures.




27. Port naval of Ragusa - Ragusa.

Construction of a new tourist port in a position to accommodating 723 yachts (two dams, various buildings, pontoons, via of access, you mail car, systems of nets) so as to increase the tourism in the province of Ragusa, to stimulate the expense in the field of the tourism and to reduce unemployment.




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