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May 9, 2012

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The port of Trieste anticipates own plan of development which pivoted on uses it intensive of the bonded area

Marina Monassi: "the free points as ulterior Vincente ticket in order to create flies economic and productive on the territory"

Today to Rome, in the Temple of Adrian, in front of a parterre of bankers, financiers, politicians, stakeholders of the field, the port of Trieste has introduced the lines guides of own plan of development that ago hinge on I use it intensive and innovative of the bonded area, only instrument potentially in a position to attracting to international capitals and investor, rooting in harbor areas business activities, tourist, industrial, high tech, services and finance, preposterous in any other European truth.

The Harbor Authority of Trieste in fact has remembered that Trieste is the only European harbor city to stop anomalous a legal instrument in topic of frank areas: a sovra-communitarian instrument as guaranteed from a Treaty international of peace, that of the 1947, that much wide in customs matter recognizes to the giuliano port of call an action freedom, fiscal and commercial one, an which extended freedom very more also regarding the bonded areas by right communitarian developed with success for example in Ireland.

Bonded area for Trieste means in first request freedom of exercise of the marine, street and railway transports, but it means also possibility to exercise in a frank regime, activity and "consumed" services placed inside of the harbor territory and therefore in frank regime. According to the Harbor Authority of Trieste, legislative participations also on regional base could allow to maximize the benefits of the frank regime to advantage of all the activities of the port, of their competitiveness, but also of the takeover of new activities (from high tech to the activities the insurance financial institutions and) in the harbor areas. And the fact that Trieste has of the greatest area to requalify and to re-use represents in this optical a real ace in the hole, making of Trieste the only logistic pole in great regime of comparable bonded area to hub the international ones, like Dubai or Hong Kong.

The giuliano harbor agency has specified that the tempistica of this plan is not accidental: in the total market Trieste a harbor role of hub to the service of Europe center-oriental is rediscovering, confirmed role is from the increase of the traffics in existence (and in controtendenza regarding the recession that characterizes many other ports) and role that is supported by a plan of investments in existence in the field of the container, of the several traffics of goods, the cruises, the logistic connections also in the by now sure perspective of the realization of a great logistic platform, whose financing recently is approved of in definitive way from the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning (CIPE).

"The financing of the CIPE of the Logistic Platform hardly some days ago - the president of the Harbor Authority has confirmed, Marina Monassi - is in time order only the last one, but decidedly the more important dowel than a distance that in the last year has carried remarkable satisfactions: from + 50.12% of tons enlivened in containers that become 4,7 million now, to the which hub crocieristico reaffirmation of Trieste with 40 ports of call in a 2012 and forecast 2013 of 70 ports of call, to the redefinition of the logistic internal of the port of call to advantage of the operativity, an international promotion with the operators, to an industrial plan that ricomprende and puts into effect these actions. A strategic design that it now places the development of the Free points as ulterior Vincente ticket in order to create flies economic and productive on the territory".

"Large the crisis economic and social - it has found the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cosolini - is profitable necessary to accelerate all this that it creates economy and job. Regarding the port of Trieste the main opportunities are those to attract the traffics of Far East and to get ahead an operation of European relief of recovery and transformation in city of the Old Port. In order to make this they serve full stops above all: infrastructures, strategic alliances and regarding the Old Port, than are gone ahead more quickly possible. Instead, for that it concerns the usefullness of the Free points, creed that in order once and for all us must be inspired, on one side, to the certainty of the norms, and from the other to the market rules: to remove them, where it can, when they do not serve and they are of obstacle, be left them where they serve".

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, Antonio Paoletti, has evidenced as in the within of the development of the Free points "the Chamber of Commerce sees the positioning of the World Trade Center, of which he has the license and of the Commodity Exchange to term, with the opening of offices and warehouses in order to attract the Asian economies, the only ones that have the GDP in increasing increase".

In support of the port of Trieste, of its logistics, the opportunity of development through I use it of the free points in economic key and productive they are taken part, between the others, Fabrizio Palenzona (vice-president of Unicredit), Pier Luigi Maneschi (Marine Italy Spa), Enrico Samer (president of Samer & Co. Shipping Ltd), Cosmas Cosmidis (managing director of Cosnav Ship Managment), Franco Napp (managing director of coastal Warehouses Trieste Spa), but also Vittorio Sgarbi whom it has found "like to little steps from the Parliament, Trieste has come to ask and to make itself to listen in order to invest on this only opportunity that is the Old Port. An opportunity of increase for all Italy". Sgarbi that has remembered the tie from he place on the Old Port, from undersecretary of the ministry for the cultural Assets and Activities, defining it a dynamic tie that allows a reuse that respects the historical value, but that an internal riadeguamento of the structures in order to create residential opportunities allows, cultural, commercial and innovation.

Sue Wake of the World Free Zones next 3 Conventions has announced that 2 and July to Trieste will hold the conference anniversary: "the times - it has explained - are mature in order to speak to Trieste of bonded areas and the opportunities that they offer to the invested capitals: the recent examples of China, of the Middle East, but also of the United States, go followed also from Europe. Europe is looking to the increase like had not never made in the past and the basin of the Mediterranean is a strategic key of the development of these ports and about the innovation in the European business in such sense we will speak just to Trieste to July beginning".

In opening of the convention Luigi Grillo, president of the commission of the Senate on the Transports, has expressed "the appreciation and the support to the job of the Harbor Authority of Trieste, Marina Monassi, in order to grow the giuliano port of call on which the traffics of the Tyrrhenian one will be moved in increasing way also. Trieste - it has observed Cricket - in becoming more and more center of cargo handling, has also the opportunity of uses of world-wide a Frank Point, very making to hope the portualità of the Adriatic North". On the same line the president of the Commission Transports of the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Valducci, in support of activity in favor of the development of the giuliano port of call.

"In the respect of the strategy of development of the government and the road map on the reduction of the carbon emissions of the EU - the minister of the Atmosphere has declared, Corrado Clini - the port of Trieste constitutes an example of harbor development as regards logistics, also to light of the recent financing from the CIPE of the logistic platform, but not only. The investment on the logistics - it has continued the minister - is very bound together to the investment for the increase as they can be the free points, using competences, experiences and resources to setting up of innovative productions in the fields of the innovation in matter of materials, energies, medicine. The ministry of the Atmosphere works with the Harbor Authority in order to create in this area incubatori of technological innovation that can create economic development".

For next 26 May the approval from the Council of Ministers of the redefinition of the Site of National Interest is previewed (Until) of Trieste, with the reduction of the perimeter and the simplification of the procedures for the recovery of the area in favor of new productive takeovers. "On Monfalcone - it has concluded Clini - we are working in order to make it to always become more intermodal platform for the goods with I use increasing of the railroad".

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