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May 17, 2012

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The Harbor office of Genoa accommodates the Coastgard of Yemen

The Middle Eastern delegation participates to course of formation in marine professional matters

Monday slid near the Harbor office of Genoa is started a course of formation in favor of staff of the Coastgard and Marine Authority of Yemen in professional matters marine which safety of navigation, the international law, the contrast to clandestine immigration, the organization of the search and aid in sea and the systems of monitoring of mercantile traffic (VTS).

The plan leaves from an initiative of the general Command and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Harbor offices that in the December slid to Rome have undersigned a convention understanding to guarantee professional training of Yemenite staff and that it joins beginning from in a context of collaboration in the marine field between Italy and Yemen developed 2004.

The formation course, that it will have a duration of six months inframmezzati from the period of the Ramadan during which the corsisti will make re-enter in Yemen, will engage not only Genoa, but also other formative structures of the Body of the Harbors-office, comprised the baby school VTS of Messina, and will make use also of the collaboration of external structures between which the IMSSEA (international Academy marine safety and atmosphere).

The Yemenite staff, constituted from 15 people between officials and non-comissioned officers, is accompanied by the lieutenant colonel Amen Al-Ansei and interpreter Muna Al-Ghirbani, let alone by the captain Giuseppe Troina, head office International Transactions of Maricogecap, and is received in from Liguria chief town from the commander of the Harbor office of Genoa and marine director of the Liguria, admiral Felicio Angrisano.

After Genoa, Rome and Messina they will be the centers near which the corsisti they will be engaged in the various phases of development of the course that, date its complexity, represents the first initiative of along period in international field, tangible sign of the resumption of quickly converses with the Yemenite country after the slowing down in the past because of the recent crashs that of it have interested the social woven one.

Like emphasized from the Italian ambassador in Yemen, Luca di Gianfrancesco, the Italian initiative "assumes detail then political importance as it marks the first case of bilateral collaboration in marine field from a Country of the group of the SN (Supporting Nations) between which they figure United States, France, Japan, Denmark and United Regno".

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