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May 22, 2012

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Convention on the integrated management of harbor infrastructures

Organized from the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Salerno, the june to Amalfi will hold 1°

The Order of the Engineers of the Province of Salerno, in the within of own initiatives for the promotion of the process of interdisciplinari studies on the marine field, has organized for the next 1° june with beginning to hours 15,00 near the Morelli Hall of the Municipality of Amalfi, in occasion of the historical regatta of the four Marine Republics, a convention on the topic of the "integrated Management of the harbor infrastructures" to which to authoritative relatori and the representatives of the Orders of Genoa, Venice will participate and Pisa.

The convention, realized with the collaboration of the Municipality of Amalfi, intends to start a profitable technical-legal distance of analysis and study on the topics of the integrated management of the activities connected with the maintenance and the improvement of the functionality of harbor infrastructures, with detail attention to the controversial topic of the harbor dredgings, on which only very rarely an optimal alignment of the requirements of the fruitori of the ports that ask rapidity and thoroughness in the execution for the participations, availability of pertinenti economic resources and a complete normative picture is recorded or of easy application, also to light of the law n. 35 of 4 April 2012 (I decree to simplification and development) of modification of article 109 of I decree legislative n. 152/2006 that orders the immersion in sea of material deriving from activity of escavo.

The activity that the convention proposes is the start of a technical-legal permanent table finalized to optimize, to slim and to promote a more and more ecosostenibile, effective and profitable management of the ports and the entire marine field.




Dr. Alfonso Of the Peak
Mayor of Amalfi

Ing Vincenzo Corradino
President Order Engineers Province of Salerno

On. Announced Avv. Andrea
President Harbor Authority Salerno

Avv. Luigi Stefano Sorvino
Extraordinary commissioner Authority of Campania Basin South

Ing Armando Zambrano
President National Council Engineers


Ing Boer Francesco
President Order Engineers Province of Genoa

Ing Ivan Antonio Ceola
President Order Engineers Province of Venice

Ing Ambrogio More
President Order Engineers Province of Pisa


The management of the net of national harbor infrastructures and the environmental sostenibilità
Ing Massimo Sessa
President 3^ Section of the Higher council of the LLPP

The ambient resource
Prof. Ing Bernardo De Bernardinis
ISPRA president

The modifications to the D.lgs 152/2006 (T.U. Atmosphere) and the future scenes of environmental sostenibilità in the management of the ports
Dr. Sergio De Felice
Councilman of State

Coffee break (tasting of producing typical of Amalfi)

The ports and the requirements technical-lawyers for the optimization of the integrated management port-ship
Dr. Giuseppe Guacci
General secretary Harbor Authority of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta

The progettuali and normative ships and guidelines for the improvement of the integrated management port-ship
Ing Sulfaro lucky person
Responsible for Italy of the Italian Registry of Shipping

Cultural and historical aspects on the ports of coastal from Amalfi one
Prof. Giuseppe Gargano

They coordinate

Ing Elisabetta Romano (President Commission Dissesto Idrogeologico of the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Salerno)

Ing Attilio Ptolemy (President Marine Commission of the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Salerno)

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