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May 22, 2012

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Taranto agreement Container Terminal - unions for the start of the Extraordinary Redundancy fund

It will interest the maximum number of 500 workers for the duration of 24 months

Yesterday the terminalista society Taranto Container Terminal Spa (TCT) of the port of Taranto has undersigned with the organizations unions the agreement, of which we publish the minutes, for the start of the Extraordinary Redundancy fund that will interest the maximum number of 500 working units (100 between the employees and pictures and 400 between the workers) to pass from 28 May and for the duration of 24 months.

The subscription of the agreement last February involves the forfeiture of the procedure of mobility of 160 workers started in the course. In good substance - it has explained the Harbor Authority of Taranto - course to one of the engagements taken from TCT Spa with the subscription "of the General Agreement for the development of the containerizzati traffics" has been given. Exceeded problematic the occupational one - it has emphasized the agency - will be able to be given to course to all finally regarding other asset the infrastructural requalification for the development of the previewed containerizzati traffics from the agreement.

Moreover the Port apulian Authority has evidenced "the sense of responsibility put in existence in the course of all the event from the labor organizations and the workers who never, under no circumstances, also in the more difficult moments, have put in existence activities that could prejudice the positive final solution".

The Harbor Authority and the city council member to the Policies of the job, professional training of the Province of Taranto, Luciano De Gregorio have shared the necessity to start confront on the requalification of the staff of the Taranto Container Terminal to increase, eventually, to the entire harbor within.

Province of Taranto
7° Field
Agency of the Job, Social Cooperation Professional training - Political Juvenile - Activity Charitable Associate

Service "Collective Controversies"


Year 2012, day 21 of the May month, to hours 15,30 with the continuation, near the offices of the Province of Taranto - Field "Agency of the Job and F.P." - Service "Collective Controversies", sites in Taranto, to the Way Tirrenia n. 4, Managing of the Field - Dr. Angelo Raffaele BORGIA, to the presence of the City council member to the Job - Mr. Luciano DE GREGORIO and of Mr. Michele COVIELLO, In charge of the foretold service

let alone
of Dr. USUAL Roberto of the Territorial Direction of the Job of Taranto and Dr. Francesco BENINCASA - General secretary of the Harbor Authority of Taranto,
they have gathered:
  • for the TARANTO CONTAINER S.p.A. TERMINAL: the General manager Mr. Bruce Coupland, Assistant manager General Alfred CHEN, Assistant general manager Capitano Giancarlo Russo, Dr. Paolo Carozzini, dott.ssa Giuliana Palmieri, the Mr. Martino Albano, assisted from Dr. Giorgio Meschiari di Confindustria Taranto and from the Avv. Enrico Claudius Schiavone;
  • for the FILT CGIL: Mr. Oronzo Guilder - General secretary;
  • for the FIT CISL: Mr. Nicholas Remains - General secretary and Mr. Cataldo Of the Queva - Secretary of Field;
  • for UIL Transports: the Frank Mr. Castellan - General secretary and Mr. Carmelo Pebble - Secretary of Field;
  • RR.SS.UU: the Sigg.ri Antonio Of Anna, Carmelo Pebble of UIL You transport; Cataldo Of the Quev, Elia Cosimo of the FIT Cisl; Nicholas Azzone, Alexander Gives it, Peter Catapano of the FILT Cgil.
Object of the encounter is the former consultation art. 2 D.P.R. 218/2000 for participation C.I.G.S for restructure for n. 500 working units for the duration of 24 months.

  • that the TARANTO CONTAINER TERMINAL spa has started a procedure of reduction of the staff with note of the 9/11/2011, according to the joint provision of the artt. 24, 4 (codicils 2°-12°) and 5 (codicils 1°-5°) L. 223/91, to the aim to face the situation of structural esubero for approximately n. 160 units, determined as a result of the crisis of the traffics and stabilizing of incompatible productive volumes with organic the business one;
  • that the procedure of reduction of the staff has beeed exhausted in date 24/2/2012 with minutes of lacked agreement in operations headquarters;
  • that on sollicitation of the Harbor Authority of Taranto, also to light of the supervened nomination of the President of the Authority which Extraordinary Commissioner, the Parts have continued I confront for research purposes of solutions alternatives to the programmed reduction of the staff;
  • that near the Prime Minister's Office he has been undersigned, in date 26/04/2012, Agreement finalized to the development of the traffics containerizzati in the Port of Taranto and to the overcoming of the state of emergency environmental economic associate;
  • that the Society has also declared that therefore is emerged the opportunity to start a Plan of finalized investments on the restructure of the Terminal, coherent with the objectives of I throw again of the competitiveness of the port of call;
  • that the TARANTO CONTAINER TERMINAL spa, with note of the 4/5/2012 therefore has communicated the necessity of the resource to the Extraordinary Redundancy fund for business restructure for the maximum period allowed, functional with the aforesaid one Slowly of Investments, in forecast of the impact that the execution of the same one will have on the operativity of the Terminal and which instrument of connection to the reorganization and requalification of the interested force job;
  • that the TARANTO CONTAINER TERMINAL has declared of wanting to operate the resource to the Extraordinary Redundancy fund with participations of suspension weekly magazine generalized of the activity, that they will be able to involve the maximum number of 500 workers;
  • that the OO.SS take note of the plan of restructure illustrated from the Company, convene with the same one on the necessity that the flat saying performance is accompanied by a CIGS distance.

All that premised one, after deepened wide and, the Parts agree how much follows:
  1. the TARANTO CONTAINER S.p.A TERMINAL will introduce question of CIGS for business restructure, according to the law 223/91, art. 1 codicil 3, to make given from the 28/05/2012 and for the duration of 24 months;
  2. the CIGS will interest the maximum number of 500 working units, of which n. 100 between employees and pictures and n. 400 workers;
  3. the location of the workers to suspend, taken into consideration the purposes of the restructure process that will involve the entire business productive system, will be carried out with priority reference to the productive requirements technical;
  4. one will give rise to the spin of the fungible staff regarding the professionalities and duties, compatibly with the technical-productive and organizational requirements;
  5. in case of operating requirements the Company, with the observance of the term of warning of 24 hours, will recall in service the staff in CIGS;
  6. for the working positions object of spin and/or callback in activity, the staff whom it does not have lend working activity for disease effect will be riprogammato in CIGS until the exhaustion of already the individually defined period of suspension;
  7. in case of bendings of the operating activity the Company, with the observance of the term of warning of 12 hours, will suspend the programmed workers in service ulteriorly exceeding regarding the number of the suspensions already in existence;
  8. the performance than established to the precedence points 5) and 7) will be object of confronts with RR.SS.UU. ;
  9. as a result of the participation of CIGS, will be started professional training program, through finalized distances on the development of the competences that will altogether interest a not inferior number to 30% of the staff in CIGS;
  10. the Society will formulate demanded of direct payment of the wage treatment of integration for the suspended staff, in consideration of the index of running liquidity that the Society declares to be inferior to 1. On request of the OO.SS priority it will be verified the possibility and/or admissibility of the payment to balancing for the first two months. Subordinately and in via alternative, in the blackberries of the emanation of the autorizzativo provision, the Society is engaged to correspond, for a reason or purpose of advance on the matured T.F.R and maturing - in the limits of individual capacity and the availability of the credit, an advance pairs to the treatment of CIGS for the maximum period of 2 months;
  11. the Company will supply to RR.SS.UU. informative in order to the suspended staff and the criteria used in case of spin. On request of RR.SS.UU. procedures of trade-union consultation will be activated;
  12. with reference to the procedure of reduction of the staff already defined with lacked agreement the 24/2/2012, the parts convene, in today's date, how much follows:
    - the positioning in mobility on the escort of the exclusive criterion of not the opposition to the lay-off, in the limits characterized from the communication of start of the procedure, to be offended from the workers interested within the terms of law.
  13. the parts are acknowledged of the happened accomplishment of the procedure for the demand for CIGS in the respect of the enforced norm and times will gather to valley of the start of the procedure for the definition of understandings to throw again of the activity of the terminal in matter of productivity, organization of the job and verification of the presence coefficients;
  14. the parts convene to gather, with quarterly cadence, to the aims of the verification of the performance of the restructure plan and of the performance and management of agreement anticipates.
With it anticipates oral of intente agreement positively defined the procedure of trade-union consultation of which to art. 2 - D.P.R. 218/2000.

Bed, confirmed and undersigned, to hours 20,45.

The Society

The OO.SS.

The Harbor Authority

The Territorial Direction of Lavoro

The Province

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