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May 24, 2012

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The new investigation of the Spediporto Observatory evidences the moment of crisis of the genoese shipment houses

Turnover and activity in decrease of 8%. Hard resorted to the social shocks-absorber

Current serious the crisis of the economy does not save the shipment societies of Genoa. The Spediporto Observatory, the center studies dedicated to the genoese shipment houses, photographer the difficulty of the companies of the field in making to square the accounts. The investigation of the Observatory, that it has seen involved beyond 23% of the associated companies to Spediporto, evidences in fact given almost all negatives: in the first trimester of 2012 a decrement of 8% of the turnover regarding the same period of 2011 is recorded and the forecasts of closing of entire the 2012 indicate a contraction of the volume of transactions of -3%. Moreover it turns out a fort rerun to the social shocks-absorber at least for 22% of the members.

Commenting these daunting data, the president of Spediporto, Roberta Oliaro, it has emphasized like, to a commercial picture and of market dimly for 2012, they are gone to add, returning more darkness still the future scene, the absence of real normative participations faces to support the field through true processes of normative simplification and administrative de-bureaucratization. "In "You decree Simplifications and Liberalizations" - it has explained - not are a single provision of real value for the section", nevertheless - it has found - "given friendly, the value of the logistic enterprise in terms of contribution to the GDP is acclarato Italian. In last the 36 months - it has accused the president of the association - a single normative participation is not assumed, made exception for the contributions to rain for the road haulage and the law "to personam" on the costs minimums already rejected fortunately from the Antitrust and to the sieve of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT, face to support our companies in the international competition".

"The increase of the dictated business costs you want from the management of continuous normative novels and from the relative bureaucratic implementations, always in peius, you want from the continuous update and constant of the operating systems in order to guarantee safety in the management and transmission of the data - it has still emphasized Roberta Oliaro - it does not find pairs in Europe and it contributes to marginalize, ulteriorly, the market Italy not only that genoese one".

The investigation of the Spediporto Observatory, conduct to the aim to verify the state of health of the category of the genoese shippers, specifies that if the total reduction of the turnover of the companies in the course of first trimester 2012 is pairs to 8%, 44% of the interviewed ones has declared a decrement contained between a -5% and -10%, while only 18% have totaled an increase of +5%. Regarding the activities, as the turnover they also have recorded a medium decrease of 8% regarding the first trimester of 2011, but in this case no company has marked an increment of the activities, even though minimal.

"The replies in our operators - Spediporto has explained - turn out to be rather homogenous on the incidence on turnover of the import and export that, in both cases it is attested in an interval comprised between 20% and 40%. We specify however that the amounts enlivened in export (59%) prevail regarding those enlivened in import (41%)".

The forecasts in the short term on the course of the turnover subdivide between modest increments and modest losses; however - it has specified Spediporto - the average of the interviewed ones turns out to be still rather pessimist having declared who is realistic to imagine an ulterior bending of the course of the turnover. Regarding the traffic flows, like expectable, it continues to haul the Far East that with a 28% is attested to being the first market for the port of Genoa; they maintain to a good course the exchanges with the EU and the America North that stop respective 21% and 20% of the traffics. 53% of the interviewed ones have declared persisting of situations of contraction of the movements from and for the areas of the Africa North as a result of the notes geopolitical events of 2011. In the specific one, 62% of the champion have found of the details criticality with Libya and Egypt.

Spediporto has announced that under the profile of the merceologica analysis the fields mainly hit from negative the economic conjuncture turn out to be that textile/apparel and furnitures/furnishings (greater decrement of the -15%); to follow leather shop/footwear and chemical druggist (greater decrement of the -10%). Instead the decrease of volume for the field of the mechanics are contained. Instead remarkable increments for agricultural and food- field (+25%) so like for system and plans (+18%) to confirmation of the fact - it has found the association - that have been recorded the know-how Italian continues to being a point of force for the national economy.

At last the investigation evidences also the difficulties on the front of the occupation, where the occupational increments are reduced lessened and single 17% of the companies have declared to take in consideration the opportunity to increase own organic plant. In these years - it has specified Spediporto - many associate companies have resorted to social shocks-absorber: pack-saddles to think that in the 2012 demands they have succeeded in to cover 22% of the total of the associates. Between the assistance forms that of the CIG in exception (82% prevails) to which they follow mobility in exception (13%) and the contract of solidarity (6%). In the first three months of the 2012 one has assisted to an increase to the resource of social shocks-absorber pairs to +9%.

Strong the crisis of liquidity is then making oneself to feel heavy also on mean times of payment, that they are passed by the 90 days of first trimester 2011 to the 120-150 of first trimester 2012.

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