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June 12, 2012

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Of Appolonia antibomb for airplane wins a prize for its textile container

It protect aircrafts and passengers from outbreaks caused from eventual devices hidden inside baggages

Of Appolonia, the society of engineering advising that they give last December has entered to take part of the group of RINA, has adjudicated the National Prize for the Innovation 2012 in the category “Tourism” with the plan “Fly-Bag bombproof container”. Draft of a container textile antibomb of new generation dedicated to the transport sure of baggages in the hold of the airliners and able protect the aircrafts and the passengers from outbreaks caused from eventual devices hidden inside baggages.

More in the specific one, the structure of “Fly-Bag” consists in a bag of great dimensions, able to contain until approximately 50 suitcases, realized in textile materials and composites that return it resistant to high dynamic loads and thermal generated from an outbreak, but at the same time extremely adaptable to the requirements of the aerial transport. The structure is also of contained weight, parameter of crucial importance for the applications in aeronautical field.

Of Appolonia it has explained that the revolutionary container “Fly-Bag”, with the exception of the prototypes of the years '90 more rigid and heavy which thought in order to resist to the shock wave generated from the outbreak without to become deformed, is characterized by a flexible and light structure, able to absorb the outbreak by means of a mechanism of deformation controlled of the multilayer ones to textile base of which it is constituted. Every layer of the structure acquits a specific function: control of fragments, absorption of the shock wave generated from the outbreak, let alone resistance to the fire.

“The field of the aerial transport - it has found Donato Zangani, in charge of the Research & development of Of Appolonia and coordinator of the plan “Fly Bag” - is to risk of attacks terrorist and, in spite of recently, in particular after the tragedy of September 11 2001, is adopted tightening measures of prevention a lot, permane the possibility that mean-small amounts of explosives can escape to the introduced controls and being in the holds of the airplane. _with “Fly-Bag”, that raise the level of protection of the airplane when be already in flight, want contribute in way meaningful to return the field aeronautical still more sure”.

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