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June 13, 2012

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Tomorrow the new genoese council will decide on the green light to the yards of the Third Pass

Deputy mayor the Bernini: from tomorrow the intense activities will be able to be begun. From the opposition: in the majority - Musso denunciation - there is a new coalition that is opposed at work

Tomorrow the council of Genoa will decide on the delivery of the areas for the takeover of the first yards of the Third railway Pass that will have to connect from Liguria chief town with the Po plain. In fact she will be a matter herself of a moment of the truth for the guided joined new from the mayor Marco Doria after the agenda that anticipates a demand for moratorium of the intense activities for the Third Pass that is advanced by the group leader of the Federation of the Antonio Bruno Left and that she has been undersigned yesterday also from four aldermen of majority.

Deputy mayor, Stefano Bernini, it has confirmed that the company winner of the contract from tomorrow will be able to begin the intense activities that will last some years. “We remain convinced - Bernini has declared - of the usefullness for Genoa of the Third railway Pass. Here we are not if of the high Turin-Lyon speed. We are if of a railway pass that goes to join technically to other insufficient ones also. A new railway gallery is the less impattante choice for the territory. The position of the mayor and the committee is that to maintain faith to the engagements assumed in the program with the constituents. Sul Third Pass was clear the position in favor of the work, not is reasons because there is a change”.

As for the position of the councilmen who had asked the moratorium, Bernini has added: “object of a dialogue has surprised us that it is thrown like a theatre scene rather than to be there and of I confront inside of the majority”.

Bernini monday had carried out a inspection to the yards of the Third Pass with the city council member to Infrastructures of the Liguria Region, Raffaella Paita. This last one had found the positive collaboration with the communal administration: “finally - Paita had declared - the yards for the Third Pass and the road to sea of Cornigliano are leaving. We will monitor carefully in order to recover times and delays, conversing with the citizens in order to create consent around to decisive works for the development of the city and the region, graces also to the collaboration with the Municipality that is being demonstrated optimal”.

The different opinions on the necessity to realize the railway infrastructure inside of the council are evidenced by Enrico Musso, former candidate mayor now to the opposition: “on the Third Pass - it has found - the genoese ones assist in these days to an amazing show: against the motion that of it asks the moratorium, signed from the four aldermen of the Marco Doria List, same Marco Doria enters the field, that he assures as already tomorrow the committee will give the go-ahead free to the intense activities for the first yards. He is not understood - he has emphasized Musso - if the faithful of Doria have improvised the coup de théâtre of the moratorium, taking in same counter-attack their referring one, or if features instead of a comedy of the parts, in which everyone he interprets a its role. This that is sure is that a mayor who elected on the base of two distinguished programs, that doriano and that of the Pd, more institutional, risks than to fall back many times over in this impasse”.

“It is under observation of all - it has concluded Musso - than against this work, supported for a long time from first left of the majority coalition, has been formed a new coalition, a sub-majority within the same majority: the Movement 5 Stars, Sel, Doria list and Federation of the Left march joined against the Pd, and are easy to preview that the arguments will not be little on which this sub-majority it will replace officially that elected. In spite of the promise governabilità of Genoa”.
The president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa, Luigi Merlo, has confirmed the absolute necessity to realize the work: opporvisi - it has explained - is equivalent “to make a assist for the ports of the Europe North”. “It is I legitimize - it has specified Merlon - than the town council discusses on every thing, and that you they can be contrary opinions. But the fact that is worrisome not there is the knowledge that this work is meaningful for the development and the defense of the job. To prejudice this work is like making a large one assist to the ports of the Europe North that they want to enter in our market”.

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