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July 11, 2012

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Signed the agreement on the management of the “vinciane doors” in order to avoid the sand fill of the port of Livorno

Previewed extraordinary participations of the value of 1,35 million euros

Today the understanding on the management of the “vinciane doors”, the locks placed in the feature of the Channel of the Navicelli comprised between the Scolmatore is signed d' Arno and the Tuscany Dock of the port of Livorno. The agreement, that it is elaborated by the Tuscany Region and undersigned from Province of Pisa, Province of Livorno, Municipalities of Livorno and Pisa, Chambers of Commerce of Livorno and Pisa and Harbour Autorità of Livorno, previews that the doors remain locks normally, but will be guaranteed of the time slots of opening in concomitanza with at the opening of the bridges furnishes, so as to not to vary the current conditions of marine traffic in the Channel of the Navicelli, that it connects the livornese port to the Dock Pisan.

The president of the Region Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, has emphasized that the understanding safeguards is the navigability of the Navicelli Channel, to advantage of the field of the nautical one, is the backdrops of the port of Livorno: “in Tuscany - it has explained - we have a great port to Livorno and have large a shipbuilding one on the Navicelli Channel. We are riusci to put in agreement the shipbuilding one with the great port being looked for to use better the vinciane doors, agreeing a system of I use that it prevents to make to flow down the sand within the port of Livorno, than will so not be sanded. Without this system the participations of dredging of the port would turn out useless or have too much to be made often. On the base of this agreement the vinciane doors will be closed and opened when there will be boats that must enter within the port of Livorno. This will prevent that there is sand outflow. Perhaps it is a banal thing, but it was from much time that did not find a solution to this problem and it to have found is a satisfaction”.

E region local authorities have destined special resources to the risistemazione of the vinciane doors, to the monitoring of the backdrops of the river bed of the Scolmatore, to the removal of sediments and the operations of management. All this - it has specified the Region - will remain in vigor until 2014, when with the new armed river mouth of the scolmatore Channel the problem of detritus transported towards the port from the Scolmatore d' Arno is resolved. The previewed extraordinary participations in addition to the normal maintenance will have a value of 1.350.000 euros. The Region will contribute with 300.000 euros in three years; the remainder of the resources will come from the local authorities, the Harbour Authority of Livorno (150,000 euros) and from the Chambers of Commerce of Pisa and Livorno. The Province of Pisa will plan and realize the participations of modification near necessary in order to improve of the functionality.

Moreover the Harbour Authority of Livorno will take care of the monitoring of the backdrops of the river bed of the Scolmatore and handling of sediments in order to guarantee the navigability. At last the Municipality of Pisa, through the Navicelli Spa, will manage the opening and the closing of the “doors”. All this until the realization of the new armed river mouth of the Scolmatore Channel.

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