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July 23, 2012

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The State Audit Court has recorded the deliberation of the CIPE that finances the Logistic Platform of Trieste

The president of the Harbour Authority in occasion of the workshop has announced on the future of the Old Port

The State Audit Court has recorded the deliberation of the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning (CIPE) that it finances the Logistic Platform of Trieste. Marina Monassi has announced past friday, president of the Harbour Authority of Trieste, participating to the workshop on the future of the Old Port of the giuliano port of call.

The president of the harbour agency of Trieste has emphasized that from the convention, than he has held behind closed doors and that he has seen involved the institutions and the entrepreneurs of the territory, is emerged “the sharing unanimous to ask the Italian government, in this moment of crisis, financings but as for we already not being up in order to leave us to work and to grow. With the administrations - Marina Monassi has explained - this today we have fixed a cronoprogramma and already tuesday is found again to us in order to work together”.

Codicil 12 of article 6 of the law 28 January 1994, n. 84
It is made saves the enforced discipline for the free points comprised in the zone of the carriage free of Trieste.
The Minister of the Transports and Navigation, felt the Harbour Authority of Trieste, with own I decree establishes the administrative organization for the saying management free points.
The Harbour Authority of Trieste has subordinate to Prefecture, Region Friuli Venice Julia, Municipality of Trieste, Province of Trieste, Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, Portocittà Spa and Greensisam Spa a document in which it wonders, between the other things, “the complete performance of point 12 of article 6 of 28 the law January n.84, so that it is effective an octroi regime and of it relatively pays customs coherent with the international norm and of immediate relief also to the aims of performance of the Old Port and on the regime of the octrois to the activity of transformation and re-export”.

Nel course of the workshop is remembered that the Old Port of Trieste develops on a surface almost 700,000 square metres (the extension of the Vatican City to Rome) with volumes of beyond million cubic metres of buildings and warehouses of great architectonic virtue, aligned along one of the waterfront more extraordinary of Europe. In last the fifteen years the Old Port is characterized by a deep transformation. The harbour activities that were developed in such within are reduced progressively in considerable way, transferred in the majority of the cases in other harbour zones equipped of more suitable infrastructures to the operativity. In fact the majority of the warehouses of the Old Port, also of great monumental historical interest/, is completely inadequate from the operating point of view. Ulterior reason that has carried to the migration of the activities is represented by the lack of railway and street connections to the main arteries of sliding. It is evidenced, moreover, than in clean operating controtendenza it is instead the concession of the Adria Terminal who work taking advantage of mainly the marine connections is in phase of disembarkation that of re-embarcation of the goods (coasting trade) and that has reached remarkable results (approximately a million annual tons) mainly in produced cargo handling reported to the field of metallic (bramme of steel and the not ferrous metals). Other important truth is that of dedicated Pier IV, as a result of the restructure of warehouse 1, to the regional marine connections and in general terms to the activities of the passenger terminal.

In reason of the necessity to reconvert the area of the Old Port and to find I use to its pregevole patrimony of industrial archaeology is elaborated and approve of already in 2008 varying to the Portuale Town development plan for the within of the Port Old that it previews to install in such area beyond the already existing activities of commercial type harbour also those of increased portualità, which the nautical one from diporto and annexed services, the directional activity, commercial receptive and exhibition. Before the approval of varying already some studies on the area were made between which most famous it is that elaborated under the supervision of architect Norman Foster, with the support of the CrTrieste Foundation. The masterplan of Norman Foster it substantially previewed in the area of the Old port two macro zones: before city park in correspondence of earthwork of Barcola and the current zone of the marine bathrooms; the second gear of city area of river in correspondence of the part of old port more neighbor to the city.

The plan on which the concession to the group Maltauro, Rizzani de Eccher, and Sinloc is released previews in the zone of earthwork of Barcola the reclamation and successive reconversion of same earthwork through the instrument of the competition of planning according to lines guides dictated from the harbour town development plan. The previewed activities are those of the services to the diporto, the commercial one, the directional one. In correspondence instead of the area given in concession to the Greensisam, the Portuale Town development plan previews like directional main activity with admitted functions also the commercial one, receptive and the parkings. In this area meaningful differences with the flat Foster are not noticeable.

Nel its participation the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cosolini, has express “full sharing of the spirit of this encounter that is full load support to all initiatives and necessary passages of administrative order. He is obvious - it has emphasized - as this area is the more important regeneration than area forehead sea in all Europe. It is - it has added - a great opportunity of investment in order to exit from the crisis. As institutions we must go to any length in order to facilitate the start of the economic initiatives, asking also the entrepreneurs a effort. There are functions and activity for which the Frank Point it is an occasion, while there are also perspective of Frank Point that can be a barrier: the same one goes therefore used where servants and moved where it can be an obstacle. I do not see difficulty in order to reach to a choice on where to use it less or”.

Evidencing how much the Region Friuli Venice Julia “estimates important to give impulse to the investments of the enterprises, making to turn the economy, the regional city council member to Finances, patrimony and programming, Sandra Savino, it has found that this “in cross-sectional way can here, for the first time be made, with the sharing of all our administrations. Not there is time - it has continued - for independent political formulations and taken of position. In the Old Port they go previewed also takeovers that they can help the occupation”. Also for Mariella Magistri de Francesco, city council member to the Budget of the Province of Trieste, “in this moment not is more time, must - he has explained - make everyone its part, to look to uses of the Frank Point in way poured them, with the development delineated from the investor who supply the lines for the development”.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, Antonio Paoletti, has found how much “this is an important moment, fundamental, for the departure of the reuse of the Old Port of Trieste, but also for the redefinition of a strategy of economic development connected to the Free points”.

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