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October 18, 2012

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The marine career offers excellent opportunities also in the current phase of economic crisis

Encounter to Genoa, in the offices of Sirius Ship Management, with the president of the International Maritime Employers' Council, Greg Triantafillou

“That of the marine ones is one of the little groups of workers who have equal rules all over the world” and that, with the exception of how much he happens for other categories, for being able to work he must “obtain attested and to certificates” and being successively and repeatedly subordinate to controls. It has emphasized with Filippo emphasis earns, managing director of the society of manning Sirius Ship Management, partially because outraged of the insufficient credit turned from the public opinion to the category of the marine ones after the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia - event on which, it has found, one has produced much disinformation - because partially disposed to overwhelm this lack of information on the characteristics, the peculiarities and the opportunities offered from the job on the ships, that it is interesting and very which rewarded.

Dello same Greg Triantafillou warning, president of the International Maritime Employers' Council (IMEC), international the datoriale association that represents shipowners and ship manager in the industrial relations with the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), the international union of the workers of the transports. Average and public opinion - it has confirmed - “sometimes do not return justice to the field of the marine ones”, a category - it has remembered - which ordered from “very severe and rigorous norms”.

Triantafillou today was to Genoa, in the center of Sirius Ship Management, society that this year celebrates own 15° birthday, in order to discuss about problematic about the formation and the certification of the navigating staff in sight also of two Maritime important appointments of the International Employers' Council in program for the next month to Hong Kong: the shareholders' meeting and the reunion of the Recruitment and Training Committee, committee of which takes part the same one Earns. The objective - Triantafillou has explained - is also “to carry more Italian society under the umbrella of the IMEC”, organization that represents 160 companies that employ 185,000 marine ones.

If from a part not there are doubts on the fact that - it has restated Earns - “the profession of the marine ones absolutely is specialized and who says the contrary is wrong”, also on the front of the economic return not sussistono uncertainties: the employment on the ships constitutes an opportunity for which they dream a which rewarded occupation very and is a field that, among other things, offers occasions of job also in these years, in the full load of an economic crisis that is creating unemployment. It earns it has specified that the section is yes discounting the effects of the excess of registrations to the Nautical Institutes, but has agreed with Triantafillou in confirming that “in this moment of crisis the shipping it constitutes a good occupational outlet”.

It earns has evidenced the important consistency of the salaries: if a qualification of third official can allow to perceive 2.500-3.000 dollars to the month, a Chinese commander of an oil tanker - she has explained specifying that sussistono different levels of emolumento according to the nationality of the official and the type of ship - in 2005 could succeed in to earn 4,800 dollars to the month and in 2011 she could some perceive until 12.300, while an Indian commander of the same type of ship in 2005 could earn until 9.000 dollars, figure that is gone up to 16.000 in 2010 in order to touch the 16,400 dollars last year. If in 2005, in order to make other examples, the Chinese commander of a ship portarinfuse perceived 4,000 dollars now pockets 7,000, while the salary of Philippine commander of a rinfusiera is gone up by 6.000 to 8.200-8.500 dollars. The level of the wages - it has specified Earns - quickly has a remarkable rise between the 2005 and 2009 accomplice the deficiency of staff who has characterized the period.

Emphasizing that the marine career on board creates excellent possibilities also to conclusion of the life, guaranteeing to the marine ones characterized an easy access to working activities to earth, Guadagna and Triantafillou they have concluded sharing the same appraisal: in Italy and European Union it must be made more in order to promote the marine career between the young people.

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