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December 3, 2012

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The EU commission adopts a marine strategy for Mare Adriatico and the Ionian Sea

The objective is to return the sea a central space of innovation, economic opportunities and well-being for all the Countries that encircle it

The EU commission has announced today the adoption of a marine strategy for Mare Adriatico and the Ionian Sea understanding to stimulate an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive increase in the region with the objective to return the sea a central space of innovation, economic opportunities and well-being for all the Countries that encircle it.

The strategy I found myself on four pillars: a strengthened “blue” economy, a healthier marine atmosphere, a surer marine space and responsible activities than peach. To the base blue Increase” and the declaration of Limassol are the initiative of the Commission “on the marine and marine agenda for the increase and the occupation, recently adopted from the ministers of the European Union. The new strategy emphasizes the necessity to strengthen the cooperation making use of the resources, the legislation and the existing structures in order to promote transboundary partnerships and to mobilize local, regional and national operators towards common objectives.

Some priority withins are characterized, between which: to stimulate the creation of marine poles and nets of search let alone the formulation of a search strategy turns to giving impulse to the innovation; to increase mobility and the competences of the labor, with a greater transparency of the qualifications; to optimize the connections through the development in all the region of a net of marine transports integrated, based on the question and to lowlands emissions of carbon, lend detail attention to insulare connectivity; to favor the sustainable development of the coastal and marine tourism promuovendo the joined innovation to common commercialization and producing strategies of; to create new places of work and new commercial opportunities in the field of the aquaculture thanks to the search and to the innovation; to reduce the marine refusals and to improve the management of the refusals in the coastal zones; to modernize the activities of peach thanks to a greater respect of the norms, to a better conservation, a better transfer of the information and to a better cooperation in matter than execution and of control.

The Commission has specified that the strategy will be put into effect in 2013 through an action plan which set up jointly with the parts interested of the E region therefore has invited all the interested ones on a national level, regional and local to propose concrete actions.

“In consideration of the European perspective of the countries of the western Balkans - it has found the European commissioner to the marine Transactions and to the peach, Maria Damanaki - the circulation of people, goods and services in Mare Adriatico and the Ionian Sea is destined to increase. To preserve the marine habitats and to guarantee the sustainable development of the region will be difficult, and are a challenge for which it is necessary to be prepared. I wish the contribution of all the parts interested on this point and I hope of being able to elaborate with a detailed plan of future actions”.


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