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December 6, 2012

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The port of Trieste previews to become in the 2013 first port of call of Italy for the oil traffics and the tenth one in Europe

The next year is attended an increment of 20% of the volumes to terminal SIOT

The port of Trieste previews to record in a 2013 increment of 20% of the oil traffics becoming the first port of Italy for total volume enlivened and the tenth one in Europe. The result will be yields of the collaboration between the Harbour Authority and the Italian Society for Transalpine Oil pipe-line (SIOT), the company of the group SUCH that manages the Italian feature of the transalpine oil pipe-line that connects the giuliano port with the Europe center.

Nel the 2013 SIOT in fact has previewed an increment of the transport of crude oil to the refineries of the Europe center that could exceed 40 million the tons, with more than 500 oil tankers attended in the Gulf of Trieste. The increase perspective is due mainly to the increase of supplying of the refinery of Karlsruhe in Baden Württemberg in Germany. Considering that the transported expectation of in closing of 2012 is of 35 million tons, the increment estimated for 2013 is of approximately 20% in more regarding the year in course.

Harbour authority and SIOT have emphasized that such activity has altogether every year an economic impact on the territory of the Friuli Venice Julia very 70 million euros and has remembered moreover that every oil tanker disembarked to the Marino Terminal generates, between harbor dues and of anchorage, towing, mooring, pilotage and expenditures through marine agencies, a flow of approximately 75 thousand euros.

In order to tackle to the forecast of increase of the traffics the SIOT it has decided to supply to an occupational increase. The company is assuming new resources to assign, besides the activities of the Marino Terminal, also to the operations of the Park Tanks of San Dorligo della Valle to the aim to adapt itself to the new opportunities.

The increment of the traffics of crude oil SIOT will guarantee a clean turnabout regarding the trend negative that has marked the start of 2012: between January and August, in fact, the oil traffics crude oil quickly have a decrease of approximately 9% regarding the same period of the year precedence because of the crisis of the Petroplus group that had carried to the arrest warrant of the activity of the refinery of Ingolstadt, in Bavaria. Such situation is exceeded to the end of August thanks to the agreement between the group SUCH and the Gunvor, one of the greater producing world-wide stock traders of oil, saving so beyond the 400 places of work. Moreover, thanks to this agreement the waits of closing of the 2012 are online with the beginning forecasts year (35 million tons of transported crude oil). To consolidate this result also the signature of the acquisition from the Gunvor group of 10% of the actions in each of the three societies of the group SUCH happened past tuesday as a result of the survey of the parcel of shares before stopped from the Petroplus group. Harbour authority and SUCH have evidenced that the income of the Gunvor between the shareholders guarantees the solidity of the share structure of the group SUCH as well as a perspective of greater stability for the oil traffics of the port of Trieste.

“We know well - he has specified Marina Monassi, president of the Harbour Authority of Trieste - than handling of the liquid bulk represents 70% of the traffics of our port of call. The SIOT is the vital lymph for our port. The Harbour Authority of Trieste and the Italian Society for the Transalpine Oil pipe-line collaborates in order to strengthen the strategic role of the port of Trieste which oil port of call more important of the Mediterranean. The numbers and the forecasts of development introduced today from the group SUCH are encouraging, species if we take into consideration world-wide the economic crisis that is putting to hard tries all the European ports. We are a port that has the force to grow also in an economic phase of great recession and also the closing estimated for the traffic containers 2012 will be of +3% on 2011 that it has been an exceptional year”.

“To 45 years from the entrance according to the oil pipe-line - SUCH has declared the president of the group, Ulrike Andres - the SIOT is consolidating its position of supremacy on the market which the more important oil pipe-line of Europe and gets ready to reach the next year the historical record of transported oil. We are many satisfying of this perspective new is for the economic fallen back ones on the city that for the strategic role that the SIOT will cover on the harbour plan and in the European energetic context, always operating in the respect of the atmosphere and guaranteeing the maximum levels of safety. All this is possible thanks to the long experience and tightened collaboration with all the operators and in particular with the Harbour Authority”.

Marina Monassi is returned moreover on the topic of the Free points, about which - he has found the president of the Harbour Authority - in these months he speaks himself very “and sometimes without cause cognition”: “in fact - he has emphasized - in this case he turns out fundamental the detail importance that for the SIOT covers the regime of the free points. It is in fact their existence that allows with the operators of the port of Trieste to enjoy important benefits, which for example the payment of the custom duties delayed until six months to a reduced interest rate. Competitive advantages that we must take in great consideration and that, like in this case, are the reason of the increments of the traffics”.

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