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December 17, 2012

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Italy-Switzerland agreements in the fields of the energy, infrastructures and the transports

Between the objectives, the improvement of the railway lines of the Saint Gottardo and the Sempione

The governments of Italy and Switzerland have undersigned come to an agreement in the fields of the energy, infrastructures and the transports. Draft of two signed memoranda of understanding today to Bern from the minister of the economic Development, Infrastructures and the Transports, Corrado Passera, and from the councilwoman federal of the Atmosphere, the Transports, the Energy of the Confederation Switzerland, Doris Leuthard.

Regarding the energetic field, a agreement-picture to wide phantom has been undersigned that introduces forms of collaboration in various fields, from the energetic efficiency, to the commerce of electricity, renewable energies, the section of the gas.

Regarding instead the relative understanding to the fields of railway infrastructures and the transports, one agrees to give rise to the improvement in terms of offer and times of distance of the railway lines of the Saint Gottardo and the Sempione, with an intensification aimed based on the requirements of the passengers, in particular of the times of distance between Bern and Milan.

Sul forehead of the transport of the goods, the adaptation of the railway lines is started regarding investment programs common on the European standards - dimension, length and shape of the trains - of the railway terminals in order to increase the receptive ability towards Italy, as well as a verification of the potenziamento of the city railway nodes, like for example that of Milan. The objective is to satisfy the increasing asks of transport in the railway field eliminating the potential necks of bottle that would be come to determine in absence of such investments.

By Helvetic part new transalpine railroad (NFTA is evidenced that ") and the widening of the railway axis of the Saint Gottardo to a height to the angles of four meters can produce their benefits fully on condition that the shape of free space on the Italian depositor is adapted. So making the container and the semitowings they could be transported on track directly until the main economic poles of the north of Italy. In the declaration of attempts signed in today's date Switzerland and Italy the railway drafts between Chiasso and Milan let alone on the Ranzo-Gallarate draft preview a widening to four meters of the long shape which part of the line of Luino in Italian territory. The two Countries have moreover convene to support the realization of a new terminal for the transfer of the goods from the road to the track in the port of call goods of Milan".

The Swiss government has remembered that "in the plan in relative consultation to the widening of the corridor to four meters, in the september the 2012 federal Council had already asked that Switzerland financially supported the necessary intense activities in Italy, putting on approximately 230 million franchi of the Bottom for great railway plans (ftp) or with means of the Bottom for the railway infrastructure (FInFer) previewed from 2017. Switzerland - it has specified the Helvetic executive - will participate in the limits given from the current legislation to the realization of the terminal of Milan like pure of eventual other terminals. Moreover it is disposed to completely finance the necessary adaptations of the shapes on the line of Luino and the Uproar-Milan draft, since it is in the interest of Helvetic politics of transfer of the traffic to take part quickly in this field. Also in this case the relative financing happens in the picture of the enforced legislation and must be approved of from federal Council and Parliament with the relative message to the corridor from four meters".

In the course of the today's encounter an analysis of from Liguria harbour system to the service of the potenziamento of the Genoa-Rotterdam corridor is carried out also, which outlet of central Europe and Switzerland towards the Mediterranean.

"With the two signed agreements today - Corrado Passera has declared - Italy and Switzerland they strengthen their collaboration on strategic fields for the competitiveness of the productive systems, like the energy, the railway infrastructures and the transports. We increase the opening of the market of the gas and place the bases in order to strengthen the ability to transport of goods and passengers. The commercial interchange between Italy and Switzerland - the Italian minister has remembered - is in continuous increase. With 32 billion reached last year, and the ulterior increase of the 7% in 2012, Switzerland is placed between our main partner. Our exports have a positive, strongly advanced course to quota 20 billion euros in 2011 and ulterior increase, this year, of the 13%. There is a mutual engagement in order to be profitable more and more integrated our economies, also in the perspective of Expo 2015, an event for which Switzerland, beginning right now, strongly is engaged".

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