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December 19, 2012

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The Harbour Committee of Trieste has examined the issue of the terminal of regasification of Zaule

Faced also the topic of the Old Port

Yesterday the Harbour Committee of Trieste has decided unanimously of riaggiornare itself in the first days of the next month in order to under investigation resume the issue of the plan for the realization of the terminal of regasification GNL of Zaule to light of the plans of development of the giuliano harbour port of call. The Harbour Authority has newly remembered to have sent to the ministry of the Atmosphere - Head office of the Environmental Appraisals - a chiarificatrice note with respect to the procedure of the rigassificatore and that, from news learned during the Conference of Services held near the ministry of the Economic Development, turns out that they are to the attention of the Direction of the ministry of the Atmosphere it is the definitive plan of the terminal is the plan for the relative duct.

"Since in these last months the Direction also has lead the preliminary investigation on the combined procedure of VIA VAS of the new Portuale Town development plan of Trieste - it has found the Harbour Authority - the ministry has had a chance for estimate, with the aid of the Commission VIA VAS, the new and important development plans of the port of Trieste, which, at the moment of the beginning of the preliminary investigation on the rigassificatore (year 2005), still compiutamente were not formulated. To this 2011 in all join - it has emphasized the agency - to the exponential increase of the traffics of the port of recorded Trieste beginning from the main merceologiche categories: movement containers teu (+ 39.61%), full hand container-tons (+50.21%), goods several (+15.36%), solid bulk (+ 5,20). The increase of the traffics in the harbour field of the industrial port (Zaule) has been of the 76.72%. The ships are increased of the 6.05%. The increase is continued also in the 2012 that anticipates positive variations regarding 2011, with peaks also of + 100% for example in the traffic fleeting, interested, in recent times, also from the start of the new line with Greece".

"Also the SIOT, society of the group SUCH that manages the Italian feature of the transalpine oil pipe-line - has remembered moreover the harbour authority - it has previewed that in the terminal of the port of Trieste of which it is concessionary they will arrive in 2013 more than 500 oil tankers that will bring an increment of the 20% in more regarding the year in course, for a total of 40 million tons, that they will make of the port of Trieste the first port of Italy for amount of goods. The SIOT has communicated that it will not be able to tolerate some impact negative on the installations of own marine terminal during the phase of construction of the rigassificatore, and not even on the phases of operation; the society covers in fact a strategic role for supplying of energy for Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, for which no interference could not be accepted that involves delays in the operations of drainage of the crude oil near the wharves in concession. To warning of the SIOT, moreover, the terrorist risk increases in the area in relation to the presence of structures of such strategic importance".

The Harbour Authority has evidenced also the observations of ingegner Giorgio Lillini, of the department marine structures of the Civil Genius that - it has explained the agency - "it has emphasized how much problematic one besides the system, is the topic of the submarine conduct, whose costs realized to you in order to put it in safety could return the investment uneconomical".

In the reunion yesterday the Harbour Committee has faced also the topic of the Old Port. If on one side the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cosolini, has found as "us he must yourself be moved in reference to the varying previewed how much from Barduzzi, where functions and activities are imagined that they presuppose the free displacement of the people in the areas of the Old Port", the president of the Harbour Authority, Marina Monassi, has assured that by always activities in such sense are made: "in order to allow the displacement from the Old Port of fields of Point Franco- it has specified Marina Monassi - we have also acquired the contiguous land to the former station of Prosecco and are managing a plan that could carry to extend the bonded area to the 36 hectares of the Ironworks of Servola". Monassi has remembered as she has been, own under its presidency of 2004-2006, to approve of the flat Barduzzi and to grant to Greensisam the five warehouses from which a canon is gained anniversary of approximately 600 thousand euros. Moreover - it has added - it is wished that Greensisam leaves with the first yard within January 2013. Marina Monassi has remembered also like, always during presidency 2004-2006, has left the restoration of the Warehouse 26 that today is in concession to the Portocittà: "the first action of my presidency as soon as named in 2010 - it has restated - it has been that of the opening of the riser inside of the Old Port and I wish that shortly the yards are started, because the bonded area and the sdemanializzazione do not have to be invoked like excuses in order not to begin to work".

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