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July 31, 2014

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the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of unanimously the Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017

Between the intense activities, the deepening and consolidation of the harbour channel along the central part of the dock of East for a total of
50 million euros
the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of unanimously Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017. For the port of call of Gioia Tauro, between the various participations delineated in the POT, they figure the intense activities of deepening and consolidation of the harbour channel along the central part of the dock of East, for a total amount of 50 million euros, with which - it has explained the Harbour Authority - tip to obtain, also for this other portion of channel, a depth of the backdrops pairs to 18 meters that will so go to join to that already existing. Moreover the stabilization of the backdrops will be guaranteed, necessary to reduce submarine the continuous dune formation mainly created from the propellers of the container vessels in the course of the maneuvers of income and expenditure in port.

Al fine to upgrade the efficiency of the port of call of Gioia Tauro also in terms of ability to large squares, will be realized, for a six value million euro, a system of production of electric power from renewable sources connected to an energetic system of distribution to address to the docks. Same attention has been revolt to the entire area harbour of Gioia Tauro who will see the installation of a substation electrical worker AT-MT, to the service of the port and its outskirtses, programmed in order to eliminate the holes of tension generated from the lowland stiffness of the connection between the primary cabin of Enel and the delivery point of the energy to the harbour terminal. The intense activities will be financed with the budget of the agency for a value pairs to 6,5 million euros.

Moreover, in order better to guarantee the connection between the gioiese port and the outback will be completed the road system of the area with the construction of a tangential one that will connect the A3 freeway directly, origin South, to the port through a street ring that will serve to lighten the city of Gioia Tauro from the traffic of heavy means. Equal attention has been revolt to the inhabited center of San Ferdinando that will be returned by the passage of motor vehicles thanks to the creation of a directed connection between the customs passage of San Ferdinando and the harbour port of call free.

For the development of the crocierista activity in the port of Crotone, in Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017 the supply intense activities find position specific and rest in work of a passenger terminal. Draft of a tensostruttura realized in wood to lamellare itself, already in phase of execution, destined to the acceptance in port of the crocieristico and financed flow with deep own of the Harbour Authority. Between the programmed participations, the intense activities of rifiorimento and consolidation of the mantellata one of the piers of sottoflutto and outer will be started of the New Port. For a seven value million euro, the plan previews the reconstruction of the berma, mail to the foot of the defense structure, and it recharges it of the external mantellata one with artificial rocks that will serve to reconstruct the escarpment damaged from the seas storm. Considered moreover the industrial activities that gravitate around the port of Crotone, will be realized, for a value of 28 million euros, according to lottery of completion of the harbour docks, until the outer pier, with annexed dredging and construction of the rear large squares. The objective is that to widen the availability of approaches to assign to the business activities and, consequently, the possibility of I use more wide large squares.

Also the port of Corigliano Calabro will be interested by infrastructural participations that they will head to return the more adequate port of call to the demands for the field of the cruises. In the specific one, between the various programmed participations, for an eight amount million euro, the construction of the dock is planned north, with relative connection to the Marine Station, and the rear large square to assign to I approach it of the ships from cruise. Al fine to improve the total ability to all its large squares, but also in order to answer to requirements of public incolumità, will be started intense activities of rifacimento of the paving in asphalt that, to the state, turn out totally unconnected.

In order to return the port of Palmi totally functional, graces to a greater operating ability to its dock of river, in the Triennial Operations plan are managed the intense activities of completion of its first lottery, for a value of 2,5 million euros, and of according to lottery, for a million amount five euro, that they find total cover financial institution in the budget of the Harbour Authority. The objective is that to return the port of call operating graces, also, to the availability of its large squares necessary to offer a greater organization of the various activities that interest the tourist and fishing port of call.

to conclude the programming of the calabrian agency, the destined participations to the port of Villa San Giovanni that answer to a total requirement of functional technical adaptation but also and of safety of the port of call. Draft - it has explained the Harbour Authority - of an articulated operation, organized in various actions, of the economic value of 15 million euros, that it previews mainly the construction of a new road order to assign, in distinguished and separated form, to the carrier language traffic of means, from a part, and to that pedestrian one from the other. It will be, moreover, realized a new passenger terminal to assign to the pause, in order to assure an effective management of the harbour area and, above all, in order to guarantee a greater public incolumità. With the objective, moreover, to operatingly balance the dock to the functionality canons correspondents to the traffics of the port of call, specific intense activities of technical adaptation will be started.

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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