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November 3, 2014

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To December will be started a fluvial regular service the port of Venice and Valdaro (Mantua)

Costa: "we give start, with a tip of pride, to the only marine-fluvial system to south of the Alps"

the next month will be started a fluvial regular service the port of Venice and the fluvial port of Valdaro, in province of Mantua, initiative that will come true thanks to the award of the branch of company of Fluviomar, society of the port of Venice, to house TecnoService the shipment of Ghedi (Brescia), with centers also to Marghera and Verona, that it proposes a wide panorama of national and international shipment services from the next month also on long barge the auction of the Pò and idrovia the Canal White-Fissero-Tartar.

TecnoService will on hand have the experience of the staff and all the equipments of Fluviomar that second comprise five fluvio-marine barges of 5ª European class (the maximum of the cargo ability the standards EU), the pusher craft Tobia C. and the infrastructures to earth (sheds and logistics) are to Venice that to Valdaro for storage and the distribution of the goods in import and export.

the new service will be dedicated to the goods in necks, the bulk and in particular to the container. If for the goods several the connection will be able, in the earlier stage, organized being "to filling", for the container instead the connection will be guaranteed weekly magazine and with minimal an initial handling of approximately 6.000 teu per year, volume that - second the forecasts - taking advantage of at best all the programmed ports of call da/per Venice will be able to go up until 200 thousand teu.

the service moreover, will be opened also to the "project cargo" (exceptional necks), a field that for the port of call of Venice turns out particularly important sight the experience matured from the local terminalisti and the facility of access to the lagoon port of call, and that the transport via river is profitable remarkablly convenient and effective.

"With the launch of this regular service - it has emphasized the president of the Harbour Authority of Venice, Paolo Costa - Venice has given concreteness to the choices of the EU commission and the Italian government in order to promote internal the navigable lines. After the decision of the EU to insert this connection between the Core-Networks of international importance - it has added - we give start, with a tip of pride, to the only marine-fluvial system to south of the Alps. Graces also to the job combined with the Venetian Region and the Lombardy Region, we wish that this new regular service can increase the competitiveness of the productive system Lombardic-Veneto". "Finally - it has continued Coast - the system of Italian transport will be able to count on the freeway via river, an active connection 365 days the year, whose benefits go beyond those economic ones allowing also a considerable external cost reduction of navigation, seven times lower than those of the transport on road, and the energetic consumption with meaningful reduction of the emissions of co2".

"With this result - the administrator of TecnoService has commented, Claudio Provezza - we consider to have completed the natural connection between the port of Venice and the logistic area of Porto Valdaro near which our new takeover is inaugurated to september. We are convinced in proceeding with the initiative started from the Harbour Authority of Venice of being able to take advantage of the water way like natural connection between two logistic platforms which the port of Venice and the fluvial port of Valdaro. It is our firm will and interest to develop the trimodalità for the goods in necks, the bulk and in particular for the container, for which the start of a service is previewed weekly magazine towards the port of Venice".

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