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November 12, 2014

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Royal Haskoning has completed the definitive layout of the new port of height of Venice

the total value of the work is reduced of 750 million euros and today is estimated in
2,1 billion euros
Royal Haskoning DHV, the society of Dutch engineering that has won the ban of international contest for the optimization of the plan for the realization of the offshore-onshore port of Venice(of the 23 september 2010), has introduced to the Harbour Authority of the lagoon port of call the result of own analysis and the carried out simulations.

the Venetian harbour agency has explained that after the redesign of the layouts from the Dutch company "a optimization of the performances of the entire terminal (offshore and onshore has obtained), the creation of a flexible and highly efficient system as well as the reduction of 25% of the costs of investment and those operating ones relatively to the equipment. The choice to use equipment standard (crane and system of handling of the container), already you anticipate on the market - it has specified the agency - has allowed in fact to reduce the costs remarkablly. The integrated planning of the offshore and onshore terminal and the system of nautical transfer - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority - has allowed to obtain performance that they are pairs to those of the best terminals container of the world".

"the key of time of the entire system - it has specified the authority - is own in created having a kind of "continuous belt conveyor" - so they define it the experts - between the terminal in height and those to earth (and) vice versa able to eliminate the dead times in the phases of cargo and drainage of the container and in their transfer to earth. The belt conveyor is born from the sinergico job of crane, carts of transfer of the container and from "mama vessel", the ships sinking seeds that, taking advantage of the principle of Archimedes and the technology to compressed air of the submarines of the Royal English Navy, they transfer the container to the earth terminals. A mix perfect in a position to strongly reducing the times of offshore-onshore distance regarding the normal boats today on the market and that, arranged with the barges ("384 cassettes" that they transport ognuna container), allows a handling with continuous cycle and a system that always works to full regime and without double handlings (double handling). In this way it is possible to manage with the maximum flexibility also the operating peaks being given priority to the prompt delivery container and managing in the moments of soft the less urgent delivery of the container".

the Harbour Authority has been profitable notices some data of the previewed performances of the terminal with two ships mother and 20 "operating cassettes": the oceanic ships, with ability until 18.000 teu, will be loaded/unloaded in less than 24 hours, with a productivity maximum crane of offshore dock of 34 movements/now. The transit time of a container in import from the mooring of the oceanic ship on the offshore one to the warehouse of the container to Marghera Port will vary between a minim five hours and a maximum 25 hours, with transit a medium Time of 15 hours. The transfer of the container from the port in height to earth through Mama Vessel will be of three hours and 20 minutes. It is previewed that the productivity for meter of dock online with the international standards will be to the top to European level: onshore 986 teu/meter; offshore 1,040 teu/meter.

Second the forecasts, moreover, the terminal will be able to enliven annually approximately 1,04 million container teu, on five million teu that - has remembered the Harbour Authority - "the international experts, estimate Alto Adriatico will be able to enliven within 2030. A demonstration - it has evidenced the agency - than Venice can make its part in order to return entire Alto Adriatico able to attract the great oceanic ships covering the not served markets the west from the ports of Trieste, Koper and Rijeka that they have like hinterland natural the east markets. It is from the effective collaboration of all the ports of call north-adriati us, that the programs alternatively supported in center NAPA will have to be equipped second - has found the harbour agency - than will be able at the market to be offered to shipping those infrastructural equipments (docks, large squares, ability to forward etc) to the height of the requirements of the great oceanic ships and the ability (or necessity) of import and, above all, export of the reference markets".

the total value of the work, to come true in public-private partnership, is reduced of 750 million euros and today is estimated in 2,1 billion euros that comprises the civil intense activities, the equipment and the oil terminal of the value of 625 million euros. The plan promoted from the Harbour Authority of Venice previews that the investment total sees a contribution at the expense of the single State pairs to approximately 600 million euros spalmabili in five years and erogabili against a private investment of pairs or advanced entity.

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