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November 20, 2014

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Protocollo of Unioncamere understanding - Harbour offices in order to improve the operativity of the enterprises of the economy of the
is centralized on administrative and managerial simplification of the enterprise activities, environmental protection of shorelines and the marine areas and promotion of the sustainable development

Unioncamere, the Union of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, and the General Command of the Body of the Harbour offices has signed a protocol of understanding centralized mainly on the administrative and managerial simplification of the enterprise activities, on the environmental protection of shorelines and the marine areas and on the promotion of the sustainable development. The agreement, undersigned today from the general commander of the Body of the Harbour offices, admiral inspector head Felicio Angrisano, and from the president of Unioncamere, Ferruccio Dardanello, aimed to establish a relationship of stable collaboration between the two agencies that better the operativity of the enterprises of the economy of the sea.

"the subscription - Angrisano has explained - is yields of a profitable period of careful experimentation, which lasted beyond a year, in the course of which the Harbour office of Gaeta is characterized, which marine Authority pilot, in order to test computerized procedures, finalized to reduce the distance between enterprises and institutions. Graces to innovative application computer science, first turned out concrete of the protocol undersigned today, the peach enterprises will be able to be interfacciare, through a portal web, directly with the Harbour offices for the processing of practical administrative, achieving so, a meaningful bureaucratic simplification. The new computer science system, experienced with success, once operatively, will be extended to the various territorial offices of the Body of the Harbour offices - Guard Costiera and therefore to all the national territory".

the job finalized in the protocol is started in fact in 2013 with a bound experimentation on the simplification of the bureaucratic procedures for the Registry Enterprises of the Peach, the fundamental documentary archives containing all the information of detail on the boats, the equipments and the licences of peach, competence of the Harbour offices. The experimentation, conduct near the Harbour office of Gaeta, has seen the coordination of the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Latina and ideatore of the International Fair of the Economy of the Sea, Vincenzo Zottola, and the participation of all the involved agencies of the sea in such procedures.

"We are very proud - Zottola has said - to have been able to give start to a distance that will in concrete terms change the life of the enterprises. Today of it will benefit a crucial field for the Italian economy, that of fishing, but we are ready to apply this system of collaboration between the agencies also to the other fields of the sea. Gaeta, thanks to the plan Med Festival Yacht, has known to act as adhesive between institutions, associations and enterprises and is that we want to continue to make".

Is the 12,254 enterprises of peach and aquaculture in Italy, while the fleet of boats of which joined peach the European registry is of 12.689 units, with an ability to tonnage in of 163.864 tons of tonnage, pairs to 11% of the total Europe (Italy is to the third party place after Spain and England). Moreover the field of fishing is an important voice of the economy of the sea, along with shipbuilding the naval one, to the marine transports and the marine tourism.

Today, thanks to the carried out job and to the agreement undersigned, the enterprises of the field will have the possibility to converse with the Harbours-office for via data transmission, being able using own device of digital signature in order to compile automatically, with the data contained in the Registry of the enterprises of the Chambers of Commerce, the questions to introduce. This will allow a direct talk of the enterprise with the two administrations of reference, the Chambers of Commerce and the Harbour offices, eliminating paper document duplications to produce and to deliver physically.

"the economy of the sea - it has emphasized Dardanello - by now has entered to take part of the lines of activity of the camerale system and the interoperability between agencies finalized to return the life and the management of the enterprises easy through the administrative simplification is a strategic topic. The engagement that today we have undersigned gives concreteness to how much we had planned a year ago in occasion of States general of the Chambers of Commerce for the economy of the sea and is the first plugs of a distance that it wants to involve other agencies and subjects in order to work entirety in order to return our enterprises more competitive. Confirmation of is the which signed operating agreement with Assonat to valley of the protocol of understanding with the General Command of the Harbour offices, than it sees to us to increase the engagement to make to develop the field of the tourist portualità. Field that an important weight in the row of the marine tourism has and that it enlivens economic resources and wealth also of other fields, like the agricultural and food- one and the catering".

the other priority within of participation, characterized from the parts, is exactly that of the tourist portualità. To such scope he has been undersigned, contextually to the first protocol, an operating agreement between Harbour office, Unioncamere and Assonat (National Association Landings place and Tourist ports) that it aimed to define proposed of administrative simplification for the enterprises that operate in the field of the construction or the management of the ports and tourist landings place and to strengthen the net of the Italian tourist portualità, also with systems of qualification of the ports and the landings place, than of it they favor the promotion in Italy and abroad.

"the battles times to the protection of the nautical tourism and the tourist portualità - it has found the president of Assonat, Luciano Serra - are how much never urgent and important in this Country Although the pretended second thoughts and the feints openings, still today is thought of being able to hit the operating enterprises in this field with at least debatable laws. We have picked quickly the opportunity to make official a distance already for a long time shared with Harbour office and Unioncamere because we are convinced that it is more than ever this the moment in which is necessity to make team but to make it indeed".

In its complex the economy of the sea, delineated from the last Relationship of Unioncamere, counts approximately 180 thousand enterprises, that they produce to an added value of 41,5 billion euros pairs to 3% of the total of the national economy (considering the induced one, become almost 120 billion, pairs to 8.5% of the entire economy), occupy 808,8 thousand people (pairs to 3.3% of the Italy total). The sun rows of the shipbuilding one and fishing, moreover, exports 4,5 billion euros contributing for 1.2% to the export national. The generated economic impact from the tourist presences in the Italian seaside resorts is estimated in beyond 19 billion euros, that is a billion in more regarding the tourism in the art cities. The induced one of total expense of the nautical tourism is little less than 1,5 billion euros and the majority of this happens in presses of the tourist ports.

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