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November 26, 2014

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the Harbour Committee of Livorno approves of the decision of the Harbour Authority to temporary acquire a social quota exclusive the supplier Agency of harbour job

Gallanti: "the which devised solution is clearly temporary". Paoletti (Confindustria): "the occupation cannot be safeguarded without to touch nothing"

Today the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of the decision of the Harbour Authority, unknown in the Italian harbour panorama, to temporary acquire a social quota the ALP, the Agency for the Job in Port that is the exclusive supplier of temporary harbour job in the Leighorn port of call(of 25 November 2014).

Remembering that, as establishes article 6 of the law of reorders of the legislation in harbour matter n. 84 of 1994, "the Harbour Authorities cannot directly exercise, neither neither through the participation of society, harbour operations and activity to closely connected they", the harbour agency of Livorno has confirmed that the plan of "rescue" of the introduced ALP this morning in Harbour Committee will not be able that to have the characters of the provvisorietà and the exceptionality and has granted that constructing it in this way, in fact, is only favorable that the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports not contexts the operation. If not draft of the definitive order, as the participation of the ALP will be to term - it has found the harbour authority - is at least the first step towards the rebirth of the subject that according to article 17 of law 84/94 is titled to integrate the labor of the enterprises during the job peaks.

the Harbour Authority has specified that the agency will be present in the new directive organ of the ALP, while still is not clarified how many will be the associates who will enter or remain in the Agency for the Job in Port. Al moment - it has specified the agency - is the four subjects that have given a maximum availability: Uniport, Terminal Dock Tuscany (TDT), Harbour Company Livorno (CPL) and one of the Black companies of the marine group of Livorno. The last word, however - it has specified the agency - will be up to the old associates of the ALP that next 4 December will meet in extraordinary assembly in order to revoke the putting in liquidation of the society. The next passage will be that of the delay of the lease contract of the branch of company with Agelp, taken in cargo a year makes from the ALP.

"With this choice - the president of the Harbour Authority has said, Giuliano Gallanti - we have tried to give to a sign to all the harbour community. We have assumed the responsibility to save the ALP first hand engaging to us. The which devised solution is clearly temporary. Soon we will produce an industrial Plan that allows to rationalize the costs of the company without to compromise the places of work, after that we exit from the social compages". "In an organizational model perfectly working - it has found Gallanti - there are the terminalisti, the enterprises that they receive in contract segment of cycle, and there is the so-called pool of labor that supplies mere performances of temporary job. Here, to Livorno such mechanism until has today not worked, and our income in ALP would have to serve just to this, to re-balance the 17 regarding law 84/94". Moreover - it has added - the direct presence of the Harbour Authority in the ALP would have to work from element catalyst regarding the enterprises that until today, for diffidence or other reasons, have not joined to article 17.

Second the harbour agency, a new and dynamics Agency for the Job in Port will be able sure to contribute to create occasions of job also for the dependent of interim agency Intempo, whose workers are called when to the supplier society of harbour job on the base of 17 article enough own staff in order not to tackle to workloads, worked that - has remembered the Harbour Authority - they often operate with contracts that last the arc of a day.

"the issue - it has emphasized Gallanti - is delicate much and deserves the maximum attention from all the enterprises that operate in the port. It is clearly that the destiny of the workers of the Intempo cannot that to be in association with that of the workers of the ALP. If the things had to go better for the second ones, we will try to characterize, with all the harbour operators, a distance who you carry to the stabilization of first".

To conclusion of the reunion of the Harbour Committee the city council member to Infrastructures of the Region Tuscany, Vincenzo Ceccarelli, has manifested appreciation for the engagement of the Harbour Authority and has expressed sharing for the under way distance in order to resolve the problematic ones of article 17. Also the city council member to the Job of the Municipality of Livorno, Francesca Martini, also asking a control for the duration of the presence of the Harbour Authority in the social compages of the ALP (not more than 12 months, has been its demand), has appreciated "the effort of legal engineering in which the Authority for giving an answer is profuse to problem ALP. If the solution evacuation the field from uncertainties and worries - it has concluded - we cannot that to be some happy".

the initiative of the harbour agency of Livorno is estimated positively also by the representative of the workers, Maurizio Strazzullo, that it has wished that the criticalities come soon resolved all from which suffers the port: "we will look forward to and estimate the Industrial Plan - it has specified the union member of Cgil - Is clear but - it has added - that, removed the retirements and the voluntary escapes, the places of work do not have to be touched".

Of "historical occasion for the port" has spoken the representative about the terminalisti, Enzo Raugei: "we have the possibility - it has explained - to exceed the anomaly in port for which today we have two strong articles 16 and a 17 article weak person; we would have to perhaps think to extend the incentives to the exodus also to articles 16", that is the enterprises authorized to the exercise of the activities of cargo, drainage, transfer, warehouse and cargo handling according to the law 84/94. The general manager of Confindustria, Umberto Paoletti, also appreciating the attempt of the Harbour Authority to preserve the occupational situation, has asked that they come "re-balanced" the functions and the role of article 17 regarding articles 16: "the occupation cannot - it has observed - be safeguarded without to touch nothing, and the change of step us can be single and only if the temporary job supplies it the only which titled subject to make it, that is article 17".

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