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31 March 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:05 GMT+2

December 9, 2015

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the Swiss government has announced ulterior measures in order to stimulate the use of the railroad in the transalpine transport goods

At the beginning of 2017 will be increased the tax on the which proportioned heavy traffic to the performances and will be discounted the prices of the railway traces

the Swiss government has decided to penalize the road haulage ulteriorly and to stimulate the use of the rail shipment to the aim to favor the transfer of the transalpine traffic goods from the road to the track. The federal executive has announced that at the beginning of 2017 the tax on the which proportioned heavy traffic will be increased to the performances (TTPCP), tax that is calculated on the base of the all up weight of the motor vehicles and commercial towings, of the level of the emissions and the kilometers covered in Switzerland. Moreover by the same date, and for a limited period (2017-2021), the prices of the hour traces at the expense of the railroads will be discounted for use it of the railway drafts of transit.

In particular, the adaptation of the TTPCP previews an increase of the taxes for heavy means pertaining to the classes EURO III, IV and V and, at the same time, the abolition of the reduction in price for the vehicles of the class EURO YOU. As a result of these measures - it has specified the Swiss government - for a way from border to border a truck or an articulated truck will pay in weighted average approximately 298 franchi Swiss of TTPCP, regarding current the 276 and the entrances of the TTPCP will increase therefore presumablly of 180-190 million franchi the year, figure that the federal Council previews to assign to the compensation of the external costs of the heavy traffic partially.

Moreover the reduction of the price of the hour traces will be modulated so that of it they benefit above all the long and heavy cargo trains in the transalpine traffic. This - the executive has explained - will be translate in a relief of ten million franchi the year for the railway traffic goods through the Alps.

These ulterior measures are decided mainly in order to contrast the impact negative on the transalpine transport goods railway caused from the strengthening of the Swiss franc, from the decrease of the prices of fuels and from the reduction of the ndemnities.

the Helvetic executive has remembered that up to now the measures for the transfer of the traffic from the road to the railroad have had positive effects, with the market share of the railroads that are increased by 66.1% in second half of the year 2013 to 68.6% in first semester 2015, the best one turned out from 2001, year in which is introduced the TTPCP and is raised to 40 tons the weight limit. This has determined a reduction of the number of the transits of heavy vehicles gives approximately 1,4 million to approximately a million year.

While, besides the publication from the Federal Office of Transports (UFT) of the last relationship on the transfer of the traffic, the Federal Office of Statistics (UST) has published the results of the main survey of the transalpine traffic goods in 2014, study that illustrates the evolution of this traffic from the 1979/80 and in connection with the last main survey reported per year 2009. The relationship explains that in the 2014 transport goods on road and railroad a new record is increased of 2.8% regarding the year precedence reaching. The increase of rail shipments (+4.6%) has been marked than those on the road, making to reach to the railroad the more important market share from 2008.

In particular, last year the performances of transport on road and railroad have totaled 28,3 billion ton-kilometer exceeding little the record recorded in 2008 and the percentage of the street transports regarding with of the transport performances has turned out pairs to approximately 62% while that of the rail shipments has been attested to approximately 38%. The study evidences that in Switzerland the quota rail shipments on the total of the terrestrial transports turns out clearly advanced inside to that of the European Union that in 2012 was pairs to 20% approximately (medium of the 28 countries members of the EU).

the Federal Office of Statistics has announced moreover that, for the first time by 2008, in 2014 newly the survey of the foreign heavy vehicles for the transport of goods in Switzerland is carried out and that the kilometric performances of these vehicles have reached 0,5 billion the kilometers and the performances of transport 5,3 billion the ton-kilometer, that it corresponds for the kilometric performances to 22% and for the performances of transport to 32% of the heavy traffic the total on the Swiss roads. On the whole, therefore, the performances of transport of the foreign vehicles practically quickly do not have changes regarding 2008 bearing in mind, moreover, than the traffic import-export it is increased of 19%, while the transit traffic is reverted of -21%. The UST has explained that the reason of these contrary courses is from leading back among other things to the fact that after the 2009 Swiss economy is resumption from the financial-economic crisis relatively well, that has stimulated the traffic import-export, while the economic situation instead has remained stiff in great part of Europe, in particular in Italy, and a decrease of the flows of goods inside of Europe and therefore also of the traffic of transit through Switzerland is achieved some.

Of the performances of transport heavy aliens carried out in 2014 in Switzerland from street vehicles, 25% it have been from vehicles registered in Germany, 16% from vehicles registered in Italy and 10% in Poland. In general terms the quota vehicles registered in the Countries of western Europe is diminished by 2008, while oriental is increased - for some Countries in way very clearly - to that of the vehicles of Europe. Between the 2008 and 2014 performances of transport of the Polish vehicles are doubled and those of the Rumanian vehicles quite which quintupled.

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