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June 19, 2017

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Baumgartner is confirmed the guide of ANITA

the technological innovations will influence deeply the way to make enterprise also in the field of the transport and the
Thomas Baumgartner is confirmed to the ANITA guide (National Association Enterprises Automotive Transports) for the next four-year term. Contextually the new team of the vices president composed from Sergio Bertani and Vincenzo Motta is elected also, that they have already accompanied Baumgartner during the sent precedence, which two entrepreneurs join to others: Riccardo Morelli, only administrator of the Logistic Morelli & Services of Narni that the Section of the Transports of Umbria Confindustria guides also, and Mario Di Martino, managing director of the Brothers Di Martino Spa.

Opening saturday the intense activities of the assembly of the association, Baumgartner has observed that the field of the road haulage "must pick the opportunities that are anticipated, in a period of great changes, like what we are living, that more and more will be characterized by the technological innovations, the intelligent roads, the connected vehicles and independent guide, from technologically advanced street infrastructures. In the next few years - it has found the ANITA president - such innovations will influence deeply the way to make enterprise also in the field of the transport and the logistics, in Italy, Europe and to total level. The future will carry to mobility of the goods surer, sustainable, digital, integrated, and the enterprises of transport and logistics must adapt own processes to the new paradigms introduced from Industry 4,0".

Remembering that to Brussels it while gets ready to us to redesign the entire normative system that governs the field, with the package "Europe in motion" with the purpose to favor greater competitiveness and more efficiency in mobility, Baumgartner has specified that "the association, also sharing of the spirit and the objectives, has already taken to the due distances on proposed the relative modifications to the street cabotage from the Commission. The elimination of the number of the operations allowed in the accommodating Country - it has emphasized - is a modification that we cannot ourselves be afforded, at least until when harmonized conditions of exercise are not reached".

Baumgartner has remembered moreover that the argument is hardly at the beginning, but from the moment that beyond 72% of the goods that journeys to Brenner is transported by foreign carriers and, while the transports of carriers UE15 are diminished, those of the carriers of the East are increased until 700%, ANITA has already asked the government to follow of iter normative with the maximum attention, putting in field all the instruments actions to guarantee the effective protection of the enterprises and the Italian workers. "We ask, moreover - it has added - a sustainable plan for the inserted street transport in that general of the logistics, that it holds account of the innovations already you anticipate and those which will appear in the next few years on the market, like the Platooning and the Ecocombi".

"the true challenge - it has continued Baumgartner - is that to diffuse a most possible culture oriented to the innovation, that it passes through the experimentations, being followed the example of other European Countries. I wish therefore that the technical table of deepening between all the subjects involved on the experimentation of the vehicles expanded memory specification, is started as soon as possible and that it succeeds up to now in to withdraw reservations manifested".

Baumgartner has evidenced that he will be still the man, however, the protagonist of the change, not only the technology. There will be need, in fact, of more and more qualified, able people to adapt itself to the innovations and the rhythms dictated from the new paradigms of the digital era. "The benefits in the long term - it has concluded - will be extended on multiple fronts: the occupation and the increase of the vital human promuoveranno, will stimulate the investments and the development of the economy, will have a positive impact also on atmosphere, safety and competitiveness".

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