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July 4, 2017

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Introduced to Genoa a plan of formation in destined marine-harbour field to unemployed young people

will be articulated in 2.600 hours of formation distributed and will be formed 52
Today to Genoa is introduced Smart Logistic, a new formative operation for unemployed young people tied to the marine-harbour cluster and of the logistics that is financed by the Liguria Region through deep the communitarian FSE (European Social Fund).

Front man of this operation is the AS.FO.R, Association Ravasco Formation, placed side by side from three partner: trade associations respective of agents, marine brokers and shippers, Assagenti and Spediporto, and Mentality, agency of genoese formation. Al program takes to part also two important genoese terminalistiche truths, SECH and VTE. "Regarding the two programs precedence - Stefano Morando has explained, in charge of the formative processes of Asfor - to Smart Logistic they have joined also the terminalisti in order to answer at best to the professional requirements of main woven productive genoese and from Liguria one and for giving still greater answers to the occupation".

the selections for the four course of the program will begin between september 2017 and February 2018. Smart Logistic, than will be articulated in 2.600 hours of formation distributed and will form 52 students, will be centralized on four professional figures. The first will be that of Logistic Manager, with a course of 800 hours in order to learn to operate in the field of the logistics and to be employed is in the shipment houses is in the marine agencies. The second one will be that of Assigned to the administrative management of the goods, with 600 hours of classroom that they will prepare for the insertion in companies of the administrative and operating cluster of the shipping like. At last two course will be dedicated to the terminalistico world: Yard, ship, rail planner and computer science Operator terminal, both of 600 hours.

Relatively to the two last professional figures, Simona Franceschini, teacher of Mentality, has emphasized that, "in an historical moment in which the harbour terminals they are investing in order to adapt itself to the changes of market, the demand for professional figures formed on detailed lists of the field, represents a real necessity".

Besides the investigation of the formative requirements in the fields of own competence, the partner of the plan will make cargo of the activity of insertion in ended company course, accommodating the young people formed in classroom in order to verify and to estimate the acquired competences. "We are convinced - the president of Assagenti has commented, Alberto Banchero - than the professional update is one of the more effective instruments on hand of our companies in order to keep up with the competitiveness of the market for this we invest very on the formation of the dependent and the young people of first income".

Remembering that in the 2016 For.mare program, greater brother of Smart Logistic, has formed 52 young people with an occupational outcome of approximately 80% of the participants, the general manager of Spediporto, Giampaolo Botta, has specified that in these plans the best advisers and experts of the association are involved, that they are "in a position to supplying an adequate preparation and answering to the real requirements of our companies who always look for motivated staff more and with a specific formation in the field".

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