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September 8, 2017

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a study of the CLIA evidences the very fast increase of the crocieristico market Asian

a second relationship of international the crocieristica association emphasizes the economic impact of such activity on the economies of northern Asia

"If in last the four years the market of the cruises in Asia has grown enormously, this although has the potential one to attract a very greater percentage of the Asian population allowing with the quota crocieristica ability to Asia to climb over that of the concurrent markets". It has emphasized Joel Katz, executive director of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), commenting the results of two studies on the Asian crocieristico market introduced from the association.

a study during the last few years evidences the increase of the number of Asian crocieristi happened. In the 2016 they have been altogether 3,1 million, 55% in more regarding the year precedence. Of these, 68% (2,1 million) came from continental China, a market - the relationship observes - that almost it is doubled being grown of +99% regarding the year precedence and that in four years has recorded a rate of growth anniversary composed of +76%, increments that confirm China like the important source of passengers that grows more quickly in the world.

the precise study that is increased also the number of ships from cruise employed in the Asian waters, number that in 2017 is of 66 units, between which five mega ships (more than 3.500 passengers), 13 great ships (2.000-3.500 passengers), 26 ships average-sized, 17 of smaller ships employed seasonally in the Asian region and five ships of the segment "Expedition" that they have an employment in limited seasonal periods. The document evidences that in the 2013 they have been the 43 ships from cruise used in Asia and that from then the number has grown of +53%.

Risulta in fort increase also the number of the days of operativity of the ships employed in Asia, than in 2017 turns out pairs to 10.196 days with an increment of +137% regarding 4.307 operating days in a 2013 and increase of +25% regarding 8.171 operating days in 2016. The increase of the operating days in 2017 determines a total ability for 4,24 million passengers, ability that almost is tripled regarding 1,51 million the passengers of 2013.

the specific study moreover that the Asian passengers mainly inside carry out cruises of the Asian region and that the number of Asian passengers who carry out cruises in the region has grown more quickly mainly because of the increment of the Chinese market: of the 2,086 departures of programmed ships from cruise in Asian waters in 2017, in fact, 1,992 cruises (or 95.4%) will remain in Asia, while 94 crocieristici routes in program will journey through the Asian region. Totally in last the four years the number of the cruises inside of Asia or that they are journeyed in the region has grown +142% going up from 861 cruises in 2013 to 2.086 in 2017.

the second study introduced from association crocieristica international CLIA and elaborated with the assistance of the BREA (Business Research & Economic Advisors) delineates the economic impact of the crocieristica activity in northern Asia specifying that in the 2016 economic contribution directed of the crocieristico tourism in all the region it has been pairs to 3,23 billion dollars in direct expenses, 1,51 billion dollars in goods and services to added value and 23 697 places of work full-time and part-Time for a total of 754,5 million dollars of salaries and wage for the dependent.

Last year generated the indirect and induced economic contribution from the expense of the directly active companies in the field of the cruises and employee theirs has reached a value of the production pairs to 3,98 billion dollars, to which it is add 1,72 billion dollars in goods and services to added value, and has totaled 27,934 places of work full-time and part-Time with 749,6 million dollars of salaries and wage for the dependent.

Altogether, taking into consideration and induced directed, indirect the contribution, in the 2016 total economic contribution of the crocieristico tourism in the three economies of northern Asia (Japan, Korea of the South and enclosed China Hong Kong) is piled to 7,21 billion dollars in terms of production value, to which they join 3,23 billion dollars of goods and services to added value and 51. , 631 places of work full-time and part-Time for 1,5 billion dollars of salaries and wage to the dependent.

the precise relationship that the crocieristiche companies that join to the CLIA have announced to have altogether employed 19,304 residents of northern Asia like edge or earth staff. The single China represents 98% of this total with 18.974 dependent of the crocieristiche companies.

the study emphasizes that, included these employee, the impact total on the occupation increases to 70.935 places of work for a value of the relative salaries and wage to the dependent of the three nations of northern Asia that salt to 1,8 billion dollars.

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