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18 June 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:25 GMT+2

September 12, 2017

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the government of London assures that the Brexit will constitute an opportunity for shipping the British

the objective is the doubling of the consistency of the fleet with Red Ensign. Dickinson (Nautilus): this is a good if it is translate in an increase of the marine places of work for British the

In occasion of London International Shipping Week, the international event of the marine world in course to London, the English government has intentional to reassure the national operators of the field on the impact that the escape of the United Kingdom from the European Union will have on the shipping British.

Yesterday, in occasion of an encounter with the represented ones of the shipping to number 10 of Downing Street that has given the go-ahead to the international event, the minister of the Transports, Chris Grayling, has supported that the government considers that the Brexit will not constitute a brake more rather but an opportunity for the British marine industry, that it will be able to develop the business activities, to increase the places of work and to have use of greater investments in the field of the new technologies. So that the shipping British it can pick such occasions, Grayling has assured the engagement of the government to collaborate with the field in order to slowly define "an ambitious of exports" when the Brexit will be put into effect.

the government of London has specified that own engagement will consist in creating a plan that traguarderà 2050 in order to develop the marine industry, in collaborating with the operators of the field in order to develop the shipping thanks to new commercial opportunities, in stimulating the enterprises of the shipping to double the possibilities of apprenticeship forms being launch a program of development of national the navalmeccanica industry in the within of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the program of shipbuilding development of the naval one in the military sector with new orders in order to upgrade the fleet of the Royal Navy.

"our marine industry, lungi the being a history of the past - Grayling has asserted - is a flourishing success history that it is worth per year approximately 15 billion pounds for our economy and that it supports a quarter of million places of work. This government is determined to work with the marine industry in order to help it to grow remarkablly and in order to make of the United Kingdom a world leader of the activities of the shipping".

Also John Hayes, also it minister of the Transports, has painted a rose-colored picture of shipping British the post-Brexit and has emphasized that "the government is working to a plan in order to double the consistency of the UK Ship Register from 16 million to 30 million tons of tonnage after we leave the European Union and instituted a new partnership with the EU, elevating the United Kingdom from the fifteenth position to the top ten of the total marine nations. This - it has supported Hayes - will be a good for the United Kingdom and will contribute to increase commercial exchanges and exports, to create places of work and, in the final analysis to giving impulse to the economy in all the United Kingdom".

Hayes has specified between the measures that will allow the doubling of the consistency of the fleet that beats Red Ensign will be fiscal facilities for the ships of British flag.

Hayes has emphasized moreover that "the team of the UK Ship Register has completed great steps in order to do so as that Red Ensign is of greater interest from the commercial point of view for a community of the shipping of ventunesimo the century. For example - the minister has explained - the responsibles of the management customers of the registry are available 24 hours on 24, that she means that the job never is not returned easy so. The registry - Hayes has remembered - shows the consistency of our fleet, measured in number of ships and in tonnage of tonnage, that it has grown of 11.5% between 2015 and 2017. In the past couple of years the new ships recorded from companies like the Atlantic Container Lines, the Stena and the Stolt Tankers have contributed to do so as that the tonnage of tonnage of the United Kingdom is increased by 14.470.895 to 16.067.921 tons".

Nautilus International, the trade-union union that it represents beyond 22 thousand marine of United Kingdom, Holland and Switzerland, has received with favor the engagement declared from the government of London to double the consistency of the fleet of British flag, but it has evidenced that this is a good if is translate in an increase of the marine places of work for the British ones. "For our economic increase which marine nation - it has found the general secretary of the trade-union association, Mark Dickinson - to offer good opportunity of job to the marine ones of the United Kingdom is important as well as how much the number of the ships in our registry. Now - it has observed Dickinson - it is the just moment in order to estimate marine the modalities in order to increase the number of the United Kingdom that work on ships of the United Kingdom, in particular in national the marine transport like those which they operate between the British ports and in the services offshore, and in order assuring that the marine future goes for the benefit of all. When last week I have met John Hayes - Dickinson has said - I have reaffirmed a series of points of our program and it has demonstrated itself very receptive. I hope that it will hold them you anticipate so as the increase of the registry of the shipping thinks of the United Kingdom".

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