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22 July 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:40 GMT+2

September 15, 2017

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railway group SBB CFF FFS has closed a positive semester for the segment fleeting and negative for the
to sharpen of the difficulties in the field of the transport
railway group Helvetic SBB CFF FFS has archived item the first half of 2017 with a clearly consolidated profit of 152 million franchi Swiss on revenues pairs to 4,59 billion franchi Swiss, with increments respective of +110.6% and +5.1% on the first semester last year. The operating profit is piled to 203 million franchi Swiss (+181.1%).

the group has announced that in the fleeting segment of the transport the semiannual profit is improved going up from 29,9 million franchi Swiss in the first six months of 2016 to 59,8 million. In increase it has turned out also the number of transported passengers that they have been pairs to 1,25 million to the day, with a rise of +1.3%, increase that has turned out more contained in terms of million than passenger-kilometers with a total that is gone up by 9.333 to 9 358 million (+0.3%). The company has explained that such contained increase is explained partially with the gallery of base of Saint Gottardo, that reduces the distance on the axis north-south, let alone with the effect of the obstructions of draft which had to the yards and consequent addressing of the customers to the substitutive service.

the division goods SBB CFF FFS Cargo has closed the first semester of this year with an accentuation of the net loss that has been pairs to -25 million regarding -4 million franchi Swiss in the first half of 2016. The Helvetic group has specified that the activity in the segment cargo quickly has the impact of a strong bending that has interested the export traffic/import, with a contraction also of the traffic of complete wagons. Altogether the traffic goods enlivened is increased of +2.1% to 8,58 billion ton-kilometer clean.

In the first six months of the 2017 SBB Cargo International, the society participated to 75% from SBB CFF FFS Cargo and to 25% from the Hupac compatriot, has recorded a turnover Swiss records of 157 million franchi and an increase of the result clearly that it is gone up by three million to eight million franchi Swiss. Group SBB CFF FFS has specified that this has happened in the antecedent period the interruption beginning from 12 August of the railway line Basel-Karlsruhe, than presumablly will be reactivated 2 October, and that moreover it is not still possible to fully take advantage of potential of the new axis north-south through Saint Gottardo because of the long periods of pause to the borders. To this due to the presence of yards joins to the obstruction of the axis of Luino (Luino-Novara).

the Swiss group has emphasized that "the FFS result Cargo evidences the necessity to achieve ulterior increases of the productivity, structural automatizations and adaptations, since the complexity of the economic context will remain elevated and the deindustrializzazione will continue. Sul market - it has explained the company - transfers of production centers are previewed, for example in the field of the steel, until cessations of activity from customers. These displacements are accelerated by the weakness of the euro and will be responsible for an ulterior decrease of turnover. FFS Cargo - it has evidenced the group - still does not possess the flexibility necessary in order to face the changes on the market and has structural costs still too much elevated and equally expensive processes. FFS Cargo intends to return profitable within 2018. Therefore it has instituted a reorganization program with which it intends to per year realize long-lasting savings of 80 million franchi Swiss within 2020. These measures will join already to the program of RailFit20/30 efficiency in put into effect course and at the level of group".

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