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19 July 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:05 GMT+2

September 28, 2017

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Fincantieri-STX Agreement, French union Cgt accusation the government of Paris to continue the deindustrializzazione of the
positive Judgment of the Uilm on the understanding. Fiom-Cgil attends to know the parasociali pacts between the
If the agreement reached yesterday in the course of the intergovernmental summit between France and Italy on the income of the Fincnatieri in the shareholders of the STX France, that more a 1% in "loan" from the French State assign to the Italian navalmeccanica company 50% of the capital of the transalpine society ulterior, more seems to satisfy the objectives of the government of Paris, that 50:50 then rejected from the Italian executive had previously proposed a participation, rather than the purposes of Italian part to obtain the stable control of the French company of Saint-Nazaire through the precedence agreement in order to acquire 67% of the capital then disregarded from the French government, to French union Cgt the understanding has not seemed "balanced so" like emphasized from the two governments.

has yesterday not been sanctioned only "the pre-nuptial" agreement between Fincantieri and STX France, but also the understanding for the fusion between the Alstom French and the Siemens German. A not accidental coincidence for labor organization French GCT (Confédération Générale du Travail) that, evidencing that the two operations involve French societies that "are not in economic difficulties or financial institutions", it has denounced "the choice of the government to continue the deindustrializzazione of the Country"

the understanding reached yesterday from the governments of Italy and France includes also a engagement of the parts to deepen the naval cooperation in army camp in sight of the constitution of an alliance between Fincantieri and Naval Group, French navalmeccanico group (former DCNS) that work in the field of the defense. The agreement shortly previews the creation of a committee of high level composed from representatives of the two governments and leaders of the two enterprises that will be charged to propose within june 2018 practical modalities for the understanding between the two companies, in particular regarding the structure, the governance, the picture financial and the public policies in order to put such alliance.

To such purpose, according to union Cgt, "with this alliance with Italy, the French State, not only removes know-how-how and status to the dependent, but it organizes also the competition between the Naval Group and the ship yard of Saint-Nazaire. All this for the fine politicians europhiles, without some worry for the development, also possible, of a French row naval, civil and military".

"We know - it has found the French union - than France needs industrial abilities in order to construct ships of high tonnage for Marina Francese. The necessities of the civil naval field are equally important and currently I am in great part satisfied abroad. French solutions exist that involve investments in industrial equipments, in particular in the port of Brest, that it could receive the construction of military ships on wide scale rather than to denature, like expectable, the civil vocation of the ship yard of Saint-Nazaire. With a pocketbook orders to the suit for next the ten years - it has specified the union - diversification could ulteriorly increase to own workload concentrating itself on a much wait without to compete with the Naval Group in army camp".

"is not - it has evidenced the Cgt - of pseudo-Airbus naval that our Country needs, but of a true national industrial strategy that answers to the economic, social challenges and environmental ones of ventunesimo the century. A strategy that leaves from the answer to the multiple requirements of the construction of new ships until their dismantling, passing for their repair. Our industrial plants and the know-how-how of the dependent are able to satisfy these expectations and have only need of being developed. Our industry and the workers who compose it cannot be sacrificed on the altar of the capitalistic appetites and the political maneuvers".

From Italian trade-union part a positive judgment on the agreement for Fincantieri and STX France is expressed by the general secretary of the Uilm: draft - it has found Rocco Palombella - of the "result who the union had wished, because confirmation the majority participation of Fincantieri in STX France. Draft - it has added - of an important step towards the constitution of a great shipbuilding European pole of the naval one where the system of the national industry will carry out a role of guide in European and international within". According to Paolombella, the agreement represents "a solution between the parts just, realizes and balanced that it rewards constancy and determination of the shipbuilding Italian, above all in the civil field".

"We are trusting - it has continued the general secretary of the Uilm - than after this result in the civil field can also soon be determined the conditions for a shipbuilding military pole of the naval one where our Country will be able to have a role of relief with the full involvement of the main companies of the specific field".

For Fabrizio Potetti, responsible Fiom-Cgil for Fincantieri, before to express definitive a positive judgment on the acquisition of the majority of STX France from Fincantieri is well to attend "to sign know the parasociali pacts between the companies. Well instead - it has specified - the dismissal of the decisions on the military part, but now - it has emphasized Potetti - to invest is the priority".

"the parasociali pacts sign for the management of the civil activities - it has observed Potetti - will say us effectively as they are the things for the Italian workers, while on the military activities the dismissal allows to proceed with much more precaution than made up to now from the government, on a very dangerous land".

"Regarding the orders of the new society, so as we have said from the beginning - it has added the representative of Fiom-Cgil - is the moment to open a great total dispute on the investments in Italy. Only massive investments in the Italian yards and a contribution hard of the institutions in the realization of new infrastructures and the modernization of the basins, will be able to allow with the Italian part to play the challenge of the competitiveness well".

"the Airbus of the seas - it has concluded Potetti - is not made with the Italian yards in these conditions. And in order not to make to make it to others that today they enter from failed, but that in future making to weigh their system country they could put in difficulty the company, as Fiom we will work quickly from in order stimulating the government, the institutions all and Fincantieri to a large one slowly of investments in Italy".

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