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October 2, 2017

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Greece, also being an which aimed at tourist destination, does not benefit fully of the economic impact of the
an investigation of diaNEOsis the denunciation that, also being the fourth crocieristica destination in Europe, Greece is alone eighth in terms of entrances generated from the
Greece is one of the more popular tourist destinations of the world and it is also for the crocieristico tourism. The Greek islands are between the more popular destinations of the Mediterranean, that it is according to greater world-wide market of the cruises after the Caribbean. However - it has denounced diaNEOsis, the Greek institute of search and journalism of inquiry - Greece benefits only marginally of the economic impact that the crocieristiche activities could generate in the nation.

diaNEOsis has been profitable notices results of own investigation in order to identify causes and factors that determines this disparity between the intense crocieristica activity in Greece, with than the two million than more crocieristi that every year they visit the islands and ports of the nation, and returns produced from such activity that turned out clearly inferior regarding how much it could be considered. Even if Greece is the fourth more popular crocieristica destination in Europe - it has folded the institute - is alone eighth in this market relatively to the entrances generated from the crocieristico tourism. Moreover the cruises carry on the Greek coasts 10% of the tourists who reach every year in Greece, but altogether produce alone 3% of the total of the national entrances generated by the tourist activities.

Second found how much from diaNEOsis, this difference is consequence of deficiencies in terms of harbour infrastructures and connections airplane with the Greek ports, of cooperation between the institutions let alone of total a devoid classified acceptance from the Greek destinations to the cruises.

DiaNEOsis has commissioned to Athanasios Pallis, associate of marine Economy and harbour university professor near the University of Aegeus, and to George Vaggelas, investigator near the Re.Shi.P (Research in Shipping and Ports Laboratory), placed side by side from a team of investigators, to study the way in which the market of the cruises works, to analyze in particular the market of the Mediterranean, to estimate the 42 Greek ports that can receive ships from cruise, to identify the six ports that they can become home port, that is main ports of departure of the cruises (is Pireo, Corfù, Rhodiums, Heraklion, Lavrio and Salonicco), and to advance specific suggestions for to increase the interest of the crocieristiche companies regarding these ports of call.

the institute has specified that the unavoidable conclusion of this investigation is that through specific aimed participations, relatively modest investments and synergies with the private sector Greece can gain a very greater quota the volume of transactions generated from the crocieristico market, field that is absolutely vital and in increase.

But the relationship evidences also the necessity to increase the number of Greek citizens whom they choose to carry out a crocieristica vacation, as, second the data available, every year are only approximately 17.000 the Greeks choose this type of vacation, figure that corresponds to the percentage more lowland per capita in Europe and that it is more the lowland in absolute after the Luxemburg.

the relationship concludes that even if Greece is a full country of islands and ports, the nation has not developed at all a custom to the crocieristico tourism.

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