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October 23, 2017

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Porto of Livorno, timid signs of I difrost between the harbour administration and that communal

Incontro between Nogarin and Corsini that speak about constructive dialogue and will of
To Livorno signs are some (timid) of difrost between the harbour administration and that communal one. During the last few years the men of summit of the two agencies have not skimped mutual critics, with mayor cinquestelle Filippo Nogarin to openly denounce the management of the port lead from pidiessino Giuliano Gallanti and this last one, to the head of then the Harbour Authority, to complain the lacked support the first citizen to the development of so important the harbour economy for Livorno.

Exchanges of accusations that have been interrupted when to half of slid the reform of the norm on the governance of the Italian ports the Harbour Authorities have suppressed and has instituted the new Authorities of Harbour System. But from the ash the fire has resumed to explode when Stefano Corsini, named last March president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern, the agency that is succeeded to the Harbour Authority of Livorno, has rejected to the designation of Nogarin which representative of the Municipality within the Committee of management of the AdSP, the organ of the called agency to exercise relief functions between which the adoption of the town development plan of the harbour system let alone the approval of the triennial operations plan and other programmatici documents and administrative essential things for the life of the port.

slid Friday, in occasion of the encounter anniversary of monitoring of the organized public debate in Sala Canaviglia of the Old Fortress in order to make the point on the advance of the plans of development of the port and the waterfront, the distance between Nogarin and Corsini seemed to be itself shortened. "There is - the mayor has declared - a constructive dialogue with Corsini who I feel myself to put in the middle of a recovery of the relationship between Municipality of Livorno and AdSP. I hope - it has added - is the beginning of a new distance: these institutions must be integrated". "I thank Filippo - it has replied Corsini - for the beautiful words: they are a pragmatic one and I look to the substance: there is - it has found - a great will of collaboration with the city administration, in spite of some differences of views".

Mayor and president of the AdSP then has been stopped on the topic of the Europe Platform. After to have criticized the precedence formulation of the original plan, the first citizen has asked to go ahead with the new plan, that recently which revisited from the AdSP together with the E region with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructures, and to realize all and the four phases of articulation of the Portuale Town development plan, with last that previews the realization of a new Dock Oils and first three that centralize on the realization of a terminal containers and a terminal ro-ro and on the relative outer works.

"I want to reassure the mayor and the citizenship", it has clarified Corsini. "We will go ahead without delay. After sixty years - it has remembered - we have approved of, not without difficulty, the Portuale Town development plan; now we must work in order to write up the Town development plan of Harbour System, in which they could find space proposed of rivisitazione of the currently enforced PRP".

Approximately the rivisitazione of the plan of the Europe Platform, Corsini has specified that "it is tied to the opportunity to more develop to a plan answering from financial the environmental point of view and to the necessities and requirements of modernization of the port of Livorno. This solution - it has found - already is very received, at least to judge from the replies that I have had in these months".

Moreover Corsini has offered reassurances on the environmental impact of the work: "the data on the quality of the backdrops - it has asserted - are good and are already now in a position to saying that the deperimetrazione of Until could be realized in times reasonably breviums through a procedure that the proposing AdSP will see like and the Ministry of the Atmosphere like manager of a Conference of Services that it will have to afford us to arrive to the result", than - it has specified - is that to realize the Europe Dock before 2023.

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