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November 13, 2017

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The ports north-adriati us of NAPA throw again their alliance

The port of Ravenna has newly entered to take part of the association

By the 2009 to 2016 total handling of the goods in the ports to the association NAPA (North Adriatic Ports Association), formed by the ports of call of Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Koper and Fiume, it is increased of 30%, passing from 112 million 143 million to tons and the single traffic of the container is gone up of +80% passing from 1.3 million 2.4 million teu. It has remembered, evidencing that "NAPA has the papers in order to compete with the nordeuropei ports", the president of the port of Trieste, Zeno D' Augustin, in the margin of the last assembly of NAPA is turned in recent days to Ravenna that the passage of deliveries of the semester of presidency of the association has seen, from Koper to Trieste.

Of Augustin it has remembered also the excellent results of the ports of NAPA on the front of deep the EU, with 164 million obtained from Brussels in the period 2009-2016 for the infrastructure development and projects of study.

During the reunion, to which Kurt Bodewig Baltic Sea-Adriatic has participated also to the European coordinator of the Corridor, Of Augustin it has found that current one is an historical phase in which it speaks about strengthening of the relationships between the Asian world and Europe. "In this vision - it has observed - the Adriatic North becomes fundamental hinge of these reasonings and is much profit that is an institutional table in which the portualità of Alto Adriatico it can converse. Other fundamental data is that we are for the first time seeing an important increase of the traffics of all the ports NAPA. The first element to analyze is this: there is an Adriatic marine corridor to the service of the international traffics, that it is becoming a reference corridor. In this optical - it has concluded Of Augustin - NAPA is living a new phase of throws again and therefore it is a great satisfaction for me to preside for the next semester a more and more strategic association for the European and international portualità".

In occasion of the reunion the port of Ravenna has newly entered to take part of the association. In fact the demand for the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale, Daniele Rossi is received, to readmit Ravenna within NAPA. "The scene inside of which the association of the ports of the Adriatic North is called to move - has explained president Rossi - deeply it is changed is on a national level, with the reform of the harbour field and the creation of the Authorities of System, is to international level where there are phenomena in existence in the market - and the so-called one "Via of the silk" is one of these - that they impose greater determination in the defense of the role of our ports in Europe in order to inside reaffirm and to increase the value of the Adriatic North of the economic system and the transports communitarian. This imposes a second thought of the strategies of NAPA to which Ravenna wants to give own contribution, and thanks the members of the association that have put to us in the condition for making it, because the association can continue to being a valid instrument in order to promote a shared programmatica and commercial action of the Adriatic North. From today one will work all with, with Venice, Trieste, Koper and Fiume for I throw again of NAPA that, through the cooperation and the sharing, I confront and the dialogue, consolidates and developments the weight of the system of the ports of the Adriatic North in Europe, allowing is to tackle to the complex new challenges that wait for us are to pick the new opportunities that are anticipated for the entire area of the Adriatic North".

"To little days from my letter to the colleagues of the ports NAPA for I throw again of the association - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has asserted, Pino Musolino - pleased and am satisfied that by today also Ravenna lathes to take part of this team, that it looks to the future sharing already a series of important participations for all Alto Adriatico. In full economic crisis the ports NAPA in last the eight years however have recorded a record of total increase of +80% on the container and 30% total. Such critical mass must be reflected also in the infuence in European politics that as you carry of the Adriatic we are able to assume: an asset that not only will allow us to consolidate the lobby to European and international level - depositor on which we have already demonstrated however of being strong, also in consideration of the huge European financings that NAPA has been able to capture - 164 million from Europe in period 2009-2016 for the development of our infrastructures - for the benefit of our ports of call and of our territories. If we are here is because we are the pillars of access in Europe: we can play our role with responsibility but also with authority, also in front of the ports of the North".

In the course of the reunion also the issue of the port of Rijeka is examined, port of call that is in the tracing of the Mediterranean Corridor but not of that Baltic Sea-Adriatic, strategic for all the traffics in Europe center-oriental, a issue on which also the other ports of the association intend to give their support. In the course of the assembly the topic is discussed directly with the European coordinator Bodewig.

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