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20 October 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:55 GMT+2

November 23, 2017

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Assotir saturday will propose the associations of the road haulage to tighten a pact for throws again of the field

The proposal in the course of the third national conference of the organization

Next saturday to Rome will hold the third national conference of Assotir, to the presence of beyond 150 delegated that they will come from all Italy with the scope to advance the "Proposals of the Italian Road haulage", initiative turned to the other associations of the road haulage with the objective to tighten a pact between all the present spirits in UNATRAS and to introduce the "Proposals" to the attention of the political forces in sight of the next election campaign, being avoided so - Assotir has explained - to fragment the activity in single initiatives of the several associations that, to beyond the merit, would have most insufficient possibilities of listening, as the experiences precedence have already demonstrated.

For the day of saturday, than Park De' Medici, Assotir, association will hold near Sheraton Golf Hotel - that is present in beyond 30 Italian provinces and that it counts beyond three thousand associate enterprises that have of about 18.000 vehicles and appoint to a job about 20.000 attache's, has invited to own national conference all the adherent associations to UNATRAS, the Union of the associations that collect beyond 80% of the conveyors, for a public encounter in order to confront and to define the possible lines of program in sight of the next electoral expiration.

"This initiative - it has emphasized the general secretary of Assotir, Claudio Donati - represents an absolute innovation in the world of the Italian road haulage". "To prescind from the various territorial situations and the several merceologici fields - it has explained anticipating the topics of I confront with the other associations - the quality jump of PMI of the road haulage it will consist in "making system": this will be correct politics for being more competitive and in order to offer an adapted service to customers who in many fields (great alimentary, oil distribution, refusals, etc) have already put into effect an own process of reduction or concentration of the economic players; only so the contractual power will be strengthened in confronts of the respective customers and suppliers".

The scope of the initiative is face to throw again in its with the road haulage, field - it has evidenced Assotir - that is fundamental for the Italian economy (is worth 5% of the Gross Domestic Product one) and that the crisis has falcidiato: today, regarding 2010, enterprises of road haulage in less are 17 thousand. Moreover - it has specified the association - the transformations and the business restructures of these years are producing their effects: on one side verification the remarkable reduction of the number of the microenterprises; from the other, one is coming true the strengthening of the small and average enterprise, that it begins to approach itself, for dimensions, to the European standards.

"We are underrated, also from politics", it has explained Donated. "They serve - it has added to continuity of resources from the parliament and internal reforms: all the associations must engage in making system. In front of the assumed cuts we will decide the attitude to hold in front of the government". "We risk - it has continued the general secretary of Assotir - the crash between the road haulage in its with and the government. It is necessary to resume immediately I confront on the many open issues and to take part in order to correct happened how much in parliament, where the recent decisions have removed 50 million euros to the field. To this they go added the sums necessary to guarantee to leading the not documented deductions for expenses, a figure pairs to about 30-40 million. These deep ones represent the indispensable minim for giving certainties to the tens of thousands of enterprises that too much endure from time the blows of the international dumping goods in foreign market and the superpower of the parasitic committenza on the home market".

That of the road haulage - it has observed Anna Vita Manigrasso, president of Assotir - is "an important world as well as for the economy of the Country, underrated how much from politics and, often, victim also of a sure cultural prejudice, than it more frames it as a problem that not as the solution to the criticality of mobility of the goods".

"The road haulage - it has found Manigrasso - needs clear rules, of a transparent market in which a loyal competition can take place, in which every form of irregularity it is announced publicly, and of controls by the organs you premail. It is not a technical or organizational issue, but draft of a political problem. For this Assotir it wants to raise the level of I confront with the institutions and wishes that the associative world of the field completes the quality jump that the category demands, for this has chosen for our third Stronger national conference the slogan "of the Crisis, Ready in order to construct with our future". Many are the problematic ones complained from the operators: the infrastructural insufficiency, than hung on the competitiveness of our enterprises with those foreign and on the possibility to attract the young people to the leading profession of that, in spite of the technological innovations, it remains however between the more wearing work; the competition operated from the carriers of the East Europe (whose costs of labor turn out enormously inferior to that Italian); the financial difficulties determined from the excessive delay in the times of payment of the service by the outsourcers; and at last the obstacles, are subjective that objective, to the generational alternation in the companies, above all smallest".

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