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December 14, 2017

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The port of Rotterdam is prepared for the Brexit

Evidenced the necessity to increase the organic one of the customs office of Rotterdam Rijnmond of beyond one hundred units

The United Kingdom is the second nation, after Russia, of origin of the goods enlivened by the port of Rotterdam and, as a result of the agreement reached in recent days from the British government with the European Union for the escape of the United Kingdom from the EU in program on March 20, 2019, the Harbour Authority of the Dutch port of call has made the point on the impact of the Brexit on the activity of the port, with the scope to allow with the harbour community of Rotterdam to prepare itself for this transition and in order to make so that the changes are reduced lessened.

8.5% of the total traffic enlivened every year from the port of Rotterdam, that is 40 million tons of goods, come from the United Kingdom and mainly transported cargo draft on rotabili and in container and of liquid bulk.

The Dutch harbour authority considers that in order to face at best the Brexit the maximum priority of the port of Rottardam will be that to maintain the level of ability and quality of the customs procedures, level that - second the Dutch customs authority - could be insured if from on March 30, 2019 the organic one of the customs office of Rotterdam Rijnmond it will go up of beyond one hundred units. Moreover they will have to be instituted new points of inspection of the NVWA, the Dutch authority for alimentary safety and of the produced ones of consumption, and will have to be assumed other veterinaries. Evidencing that such measures will have to be put into effect also from the customs authorities of the United Kingdom, the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam it has specified that however it is not sure that these initiatives will allow to manage the mass of ulterior declarations in customs that will be determined by the escape of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Moreover an adapted coordination of digital infrastructures will be necessary, and the computer science systems of Holland and the United Kingdom will have to be places in a position to interconnecting itself.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has confemrato that the slow down of the customs procedures will provoke an increase of the times of attended of the harbour and logistic activities, with an impact particularly negative on the camionistiche operations, and a consequent increase of the costs at the expense of the shippers, the logistic and terminalistici operators and the congestion of the roads.

Moreover the Dutch Harbour Authority has emphasized also the importance that the European Union guarantees parity of conditions between the United Kingdom and the States of the EU and that, if bilateral agreements are stipulated, these will have to be applied to all the ports of the European continent and the United Kingdom and with the same procedures.

If the escape of the United Kingdom from the EU will provoke a series of problems that today is difficult to characterize with exactitude, of a thing the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam is however sure: that with the Brexit not there will be some winner.

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