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February 8, 2018

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The ports of Venice, Genoa and Savona-Go to Logistic the Fruit fair of Berlin

For the promotion of the section of perishable the Venetian port it has coined the brand "Masters of Fresh"

The port of Venice is for the first time anticipates to the fair Logistic Fruit, the hall of reference world-wise for the logistics of the ortofrutta that it is concluded today to Berlin, with the scope to promote on the markets foreign countries one of own sections of excellence for which it boasts competitive assets to international level.

"Regarding the section of the perishable ones - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, Pino Musolino has explained, motivating the presence of the agency to the fair of Berlin - it is the moment to play our game since we can count on various aces. Besides the directed marine services with the Countries of the Mediterranean that is recording a meaningful increment of the export in the field ortofrutta and perishable - it has explained - also the service directed with Far East has carried a dowry the import from Indonesia of pineapple opening to other types of fresh fruit to import through our port of call. Moreover, our services ro-ro with Greece, that they put in connection this market with the center of Europe through the intermodal service on train until Frankfurt, from always transport produced perishable. All it is supported by a logistic platform of handling and storage of producing to controlled temperature that it has become a real feather in the cap of our port".

For the promotion of the section of the perishable ones, the port of Venice has coined also an appropriate brand: "Masters of Fresh", an international callback to the history of Venice, leaving from the twofold one meant of the term Master. The Venetians in fact were "Masters" of the coolness, that is commanders of the ships that historically they have traced and covered from pioneers the Ways of the Flavoring (that they were three of which one matched with the marine Way of the Silk), as well as Masters of the art of the conservation of the perishable graces also to the use of the flavoring. Other callback to the excellence of the supporters of the Most serene one is that to Fonda to us, than they were not simple places of storage of the goods, but also of concentration of practical the controls in order to favor the simplification of the commercial ones, so as today the excellence structures and the unified controls of the port of Venice guarantee the fast traffic of the perishable ones through the cold chain.

To Berlin, in order to introduce the offer of the port of Venice for the field of the perishable produced ones, they are taken part also Alessandro Santi, in representation of the shipping agents, Stefano Coccon, in representation of the shippers, and the commercial director of the Venice Green Terminal, Claudio Iccardi.

To the fair of Berlin the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea is present also Western in order to promote the activity of the ports of Savona-Go and Genoa in a field in which the last year two ports they have enlivened almost 500,000 tons of fruit in pallet and beyond 100.000 container reefer. With these credentials, the reunited harbour logistic system under the new one dresses of Ports of Genoa jib evidences to Logistic Fruit own role of greater pole of tropical import of fresh fruit in the Mediterranean and its fundamental role for the supply of food to the markets of consumption and the industry of transformation. According to statistics it is diffused to the fair of Berlin, the Italy system imports per year about two million tons of fruit and beyond a quarter of these producing Genoa jib passes through the Ports of.

The AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western and the operators of the harbour community (Reefer Terminal, APM Terminals, VTE, Savona Terminal Car, SECH) has introduced the offer of services dedicated to the field and the various projects of potenziamento in order to satisfy the requirements of a segment of market of great value and in constant increase.

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Autorità di Sistema Portuale Tirreno Settentrionale

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