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19 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:04 GMT+2

June 28, 2018

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To end 2019 the activity of the granari silos of the port of Ancona in sight of their demolition will stop

The Authority of Harbour System will not take in consideration eventual concession questions that had to reach the agency

On December 31, 2019, upon maturity of the concessions to the societies Granari Silos of the Sicily and YOU KNOW that they manage the silos used for the traffics of the cereals in the dock Marche of the commercial area of the port of Ancona, the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale will not take in consideration eventual questions of concession that had to reach the agency for the management of these systems, of which the communal town development plan previews the demolition.

An address has decided today the Committee of management of the AdSP approving of unanimously on the future destination of the area that, on the whole, has a surface of 33 thousand square metres and on which is situated 34 silos of the Silos Granari Sicily, high 20 meters, and 12 silos of Sai, of the height of 44 meters.

The Authority of Harbour System has remembered that to January 2016, to the action to the subscription of the concessions with the two companies, the agency was engaged to communicate to the societies 18 months before the expiration of the concessions own appraisals on the future destination of these state property areas that will be defined in the new Portuale Town development plan.

The authority has explained that various they have been the elements taken in consideration from the Committee of management in order to express the appraisal. Firstly, the total requirement of the port of call is estimated to have of adequate spaces and sufficiently determined the proportions in order to develop the traffic types that characterize the port, requirement that will find an answer in the next Portuale Town development plan that will have to consider also of the new dynamism regarding the negotiation on the former area Bunge, ulterior 49 thousand square metres of industrial dismessa, strategically important area in a port to the continuous search of spaces.

Moreover the forecasts of the planning instruments are examined territorial that discipline the state property areas where they are the systems, taking note that the communal town development plan previews the demolition of the silos that meantime can be single object of conservation and maintenance operations. To such purpose it has been estimated that they would be necessary onerous manutentivi participations, perhaps advanced equivalents or to the construction of new systems. The AdSP has specified that these systems, constructed in years ‘60, need extraordinary maintenance that an appraisal carried out from a characterized society has estimated to be pairs to about seven million euro.

Moreover the perspectives of the traffics and the national policies relatively to the field are estimated cerealicolo, with the national plan cerealicolo of the Ministry of the agricultural and forest Policies of the 2016 that it previews, among other things, the necessity to rationalize the logistic flows, of dismettere the more obsolete centers, for logistic reasons, environmental and hygienic, and modernizing the structures of reception of the produced one and the systems of storage. Moreover the analysis of the data between 2010 and 2017 regarding the adriatic portualità has evidenced the always greater concentration of the traffic in the ports of call of Ravenna (1,9 million tons in 2017) and Bari (1,6 million tons in 2017). In comparison the port of Ancona has enlivened 217 thousand tons, with a trend negative regarding 2016. By on 1° January today 18,314 tons are enlivened alone.

Relatively to the occupation, it is agreed that fundamental, in any hypothesis it will be covered, it will be the protection of the 12 people occupied in the systems. In particular, the Authority of Harbour System, in agreement with the social parts, will adopt all the actions necessary in order to favor the resorption of the dependent also near other enterprises that operate in the port and also through reconversion and formation as expected also previewed from the "Protocol for the protection of the job in the port of Ancona", undersigned in 2016. Attention to the protection of the job of the people occupied in the induced one will be also strong mail.

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