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July 6, 2018

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The National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises expresses great worry for repeating itself of cases of self-handler in the ports

Denounced the case of the port of Civitavecchia, with the Enel that has emitted a ban of contest for handling of the coal

The ANCIP has manifested "an awe-struck fort and great worry for the numerous situations that are being created in many Italian ports of call and that they have for object "at least wide" interpretations that - it has denounced the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises - dates to the law come that regulated the development of the harbour operations". According to the ANCIP, organization that groups on all the national territory about 60 enterprises of which to article 16, 17 and 18 of law 84/94, are in existence "all a litigation that regards the worrisome extension of the self-handler which cleared from any form of protection and regulation of the employed staff". "We assist then - it has still specified the ANCIP - to an unusual law enforcement of subcontracts on issues that are already wide ordered by article 16, 17 and 18 of law 84/94 and that they would not have to preview stravolgimenti by nobody".

In particular the ANCIP has made reference to a "come situation to create in the port of Civitavecchia where - it has explained the association - a terminalista for how much anomalous and "important" it expects to replace itself to the Authority of surrealistic Harbour System and emanates notices for the allocation of the authorization to carry out harbour activities with the being appeared disinterestedness of the same Authority that would have instead to supervise".

The case to which the ANCIP refers is that of handling in the Latium port of the destined coal to the heat power plant of Torrevaldaliga Nord of Enel, with this last company that has published a ban of contest for the development of this up to now carried out activity from the Harbour Company Civitavecchia (CPC) and from the Minosse society.

"We were convinced - it has evidenced the ANCIP - than the so-called emanation of the corrective one you carry had in univocal way and unambiguous ridescritto the parameters within which the companies must be moved that intends to carry out harbour operations or to resort to contracts legitimize and terziarizzazioni so as established, all with the respect of the carried out investments and the professionality, quality and safety of the employed work force. Being given the right of all the involved subjects to have use of the spaces and the protections that the law allows, we are convinced that in the event that is happening to Civitavecchia the terms of the surreptitiously emanated ban they go beyond previewed how much from the legislator".

"The effect eclatante than these choices and of the lack of timely participations of the Authority of System - it has emphasized the ANCIP - is the questioned one of the industrial and occupational balance of a port and a city as Civitavecchia that is hinge of the Italian harbour system. The end of the social peace and the crash between enterprises with forced workers to manifest in order to safeguard their right to the job is a result that is not tolerable and he is not compatible with the scene of guarantees and protections regarding that the Italian legislation previews. ANCIP cannot that to line up itself for the protection of the rights, the quality of the job and the full respect and total of the norms that of it guarantee the fairness".

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