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August 27, 2018

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After collapse of Morandi Bridge it does not seem diminished the confidence of the world-wide companies of navigation in confronts of the port of Genoa

The marine carriers continue to make to regularly reach own ships in the capital of Liguria

Confidence of companies of navigation world-wide in ability to port of Genoa to continue to enliven with efficiency cargos boarded on ships of this carriers marine destined or coming from main areas economic of north Italy and of south Europe also after collapse of Bridge Morandi, that the highway line has severed from that crosses the capital of Liguria and the entire Liguria from east to the west, at all does not seem to be diminished.

It is soon in order to 14th August estimate the effective impact of the tragic disaster happened on the connections of the genoese harbour port of call with the hinterland, since the volume of city road traffic still is reduced for effect of the closing for vacation of many business activities and since probably many companies of navigation still are not induced to vary the programming of the travels of their ships in order to avoid delays in the operations in the port of Genoa that have still not taken place and that favorably they will not happen. However, analyzing the planning of the next departures of the general container vessels and for goods from the port of the capital of Liguria, evince that up to now the marine carriers have maintained the programming of the schedule unchanged.

On the base of the contained information in the data bank of the next departures inforMARE, elaborated from our newspaper essentially on the base of the information communicated from the companies of navigation and the marine agencies that they represent to them, is deduced that they are the 484 departures previewed from the port of Genoa of several ships portacontenitori and for goods that carries out regular services in the immediately next period of 47 days to collapse of the viaduct that goes from 15th August to next the 30 september. In the correspondent period last year 424 departures had been programmed.

The increment of +14.2% year on year of the number of the departures is attributable mainly to the prosecuzione of the trend of increase of the marine traffic that is in existence in the port of Genoa and seems also to confirm that up to now the navigation companies have not cancelled ports of call of own ships to the port of Genoa or that they have diverted them on other near harbour ports of call.

Such hypothesis seems to be confirmed also from the comparazione between the number of departures previewed from the port of Genoa in the period precedence and that next one to collapse of Morandi Bridge: if last year they were the 424 departures previewed programmed in the period between on 15 August and on 30 September, with a decrease of the -55,6% regarding the 956 departures previewed in the period usually of greater intensity of marine traffic between on 1° June and on 14 August, in the 2018 484 departures previewed between on 15 August and on 30 September they turn out almost of same percentage (- 52.3%) inferior to the 1,015 programmed departures between on 1° June and on 14 August.

However it will be necessary to attend the consuntivi of the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa in September of this year and in the immediately next months in order to verify if this confidence will be confirmed by the navigation companies that meantime could decide to transfer quotas the volumes of traffic from Genoa towards other ports, even maintaining however the number of the ports of call to the port of the capital of Liguria unchanged.

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