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August 31, 2018

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Port of Genoa, initiatives for velocizzare the procedures and tackling to the emergency caused from collapse of the Morandi viaduct

Banchero (Assagenti) denunciation the furtiveness of the organs of government, from which - it emphasizes - we are receiving alone silences on the urgent provisions, intolerable against what we are enduring

To Genoa measures for velocizzare the flow of the goods that passes for the port of the capital of Liguria, also with the objective primary are being launched to 14th August face the emergency caused from collapse of the highway viaduct happened Morandi.

Marine haulers and agencies are defining provisions in order to facilitate the genoese practicability and to guarantee the efficiency of the logistic operations, in order to answer in particular to one of the problematic masses in evidence from the road haulage as a result of collapse of the viaduct that is constituted by the displacements on the East-West axis of the empty trucks that must unload and load container in the internal warehouses and the harbour terminals. A topic that regards at least 1,200 cars to the day, second the data brought back from the datoriali associations of the road haulage.

Assagenti, the association of the genoese marine agencies, has explained that in this period, as generally happens is after August that after the christmas period, the empty number of container presents in the port of Genoa is important because of the which had slow down of the export at the close of the industries.

The first agreed measures, on which the agencies representatives the navigation companies have engaged, regard the empty division of the park on the two main harbour basins of Genoa, so as to afford the drainage and the markup on the same vertical axis (A26 for Voltri-Pra' and A7 for Sampierdarena); the balance import-export on Genoa; the recognition and the location of the areas to use after warehouse in everyone of the two basins, based on the effective necessity of spaces; the combined demand together with the associations of the road haulage to extend the timetables of the terminals and the warehouses from the 4 to the 22, against authorization by the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western.

"The greater risk that could happen together with the paralysis of the traffic - has evidenced the president of the association of the shipping agents Assagenti, Alberto Banchero - the deficiency of means regards in order to transport the goods, than the moment they must satisfy also the interruption of the directed to the basin of Sampierdarena, estimated railway traffics in about 2.300 containers to week, and must face covered kilometric more wide".

Moreover, with the measures of logistic type, in the next few days it will be worked in order to reduce the times of waited for considerably because of functional and documentary inefficiencies, in order to afford to the cars to conclude the travels in the minor possible time.

"We must work - it has specified Banchero - as if we had two separated ports, Sampierdarena and Voltri-Pra'. Our companies are making a great effort of logistic reorganization in these days in order to find new a modus operandi. Every change repentino door with problematic himself, that they see the light of day now after hour and to which are found solutions in continuous becoming. The operators are working to the maximum of own abilities in order to reduce also minimal inefficiency of the system, activity that in these hours has become priority. We expect that everyone face its part, comprised the government organs, from which we wait for concreteness from at least two weeks and from which, instead, we are receiving alone silences on the urgent, intolerable provisions against what we are enduring".

Banchero has specified that, besides that of the container, one of the traffics more to risk is that of special cargos, project the cargo: "a type of goods - it has remembered - than for dimensions of cargo journeyed from the A26 in order to reach the basin of Sampierdarena and to be boarded. It is difficult that to the current conditions of practicability it can be maintained: the A7 is sure a feature of difficult distance for means premails to the transport. The problematic one is brought to light by some of our associates and we will face it to tightened turn on the competent tables".

While, with the objective to answer to the necessity to return the operations faster than control of the goods agricultural and food-, the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, the association of the shippers Spediporto and Confindustria Operators Terminal, with the Liguria Region Phytosanitary Service, has approved of a protocol that it previews for this type of producing disembarked in the genoese harbour terminals a punctual programming of the inspecting visits in order to guarantee the exhaustion of the controls to the term of the day.

The new procedure, that the level of informative interchange between operators and Public Administration fines tune, will per year guarantee certainty in the tempistiche of the controls on thousands of containers also graces to a double operating turn that it will involve, besides the terminalisti and shippers, the staff of the Phytosanitary institute. It will be so possible to elevate the qualitative level of the controls, to reduce the times and the costs on the goods.

"In a moment particularly difficult - it has emphasized the president of Spediporto, Alessandro Pitto - to be able to introduce a procedure who supports in way so important one of strategic the merceologici assets of Genoa it is a first important succeeded for the goods and our port of call".

The parts signers of the protocol have evidenced the important role of the Phytosanitary Direction that has characterized with terminalisti and shippers an operating model strongly engaged to improve the times of assessment and verification of the goods. An important effort returned most urgent from collapse of the Morandi bridge and that it will engage beginning from on 10 September in then the phytosanitary staff in complex an administrative context.

The initiative will carry also to an sensitive reduction of the displacements of means and staff between the harbour basin of Sampierdarena and that of Voltri-Pra', transfers that today turn out impossible or, at least, many complexes because of collapse of the viaduct.

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