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19 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 17:10 GMT+2

August 31, 2018

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Federagenti confides that the M5S/Lega government will not prohibit the income of the great cruise ships in the Lagoon of Venice

Saints (Venetian Assoagenti): the traffic of the crocieristi affects less of 5% the total of the tourists who invade the city daily

Of a government as that current Italian many things can be said, perhaps all and the contrary of all. A thing seems to be only the sure one of the executive in charge from three months: to be against. To be against something or someone is the adhesive that seems to together hold the partner of the coalition, Movement 5 Stelle and Lega Nord. First, been born as organization of denunciation of malaffare of Italian politics, now from Palazzo continuous Chigi to aim the finger in order to inculpate. The second, founded in order to safeguard the interests of the regions of the Italy north and - passing for the demand for a form federalist of government - which reached to assume the division of the Country, now seems to have widened the beam within which they are the "bonds" having adopted a defined approach sovranista, based on which the "bad ones" is beyond the national borders.

It appears obvious that the partner of the government coalition has more points in municipality here when international topics are faced, where for all and two globalization, European Union, migrants are bad in abundance () rather than homegrown issues, where it is made is hardly able to distinguish the bad ones from honest (the public finance, nationalizations, infrastructures, atmosphere).

Perhaps for this there is who defines ondivago, or worse hysteric, the approach of the government regarding the national issues. One of these, that of the transit of the great cruise ships in the Lagoon of Venice, is faced also by the precedence steers. Now that it is the turn of the executive formally represented from the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and in concrete terms guided from the vices president of the Council of Ministers, Luigi Di Maio (M5S) and Matteo Salvini (Alloy), the current holder of the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports, pentastellato Danilo Toninelli, is successful to displease all a little: before assuming the landing place of the great fleeting ships to Marghera, provoking the reaction of the local committees that oppose themselves to their income in Lagoon, then showing a progressive exclusion of these boats from the lagoon perimeter, alarming the operators of the crocieristico and tourist field.

Up to now on the more recent events, as collapse of the highway viaduct Morandi to Genoa, it is avoided I confront directed between the two partner of the governmental coalition. So it has happened also for the issue of the great ships to Venice, with Salvini that yesterday to Venice, in occasion of the signature of a protocol of legality for the realization of the Superhighway Venetian Foothills with the president of the Region of Veneto, Luca Zaia, has asserted the necessity that Venice is put in safety regarding the transit of the great ships, but this without to place to risk the occupation and the turnover generated from tourism.

An affirmation that which reassurance against the removal of the great crocieristiche companies from Venice has been enough to the federation of the Italian shipping agents. According to Federagenti, in fact, it is "positive that the government manifestos with force the intention to take care of the Venice case in the search of a solution that compenetri the requirements of protection of the city with those of a row that guarantees occupation to beyond 4.000 attache's, occupation, as emphasized from the vice-prime Minister Matteo Salvini - the federation in a note evidences that cannot be lost and that however the portualità of the high Adriatic represents the key of time of the crocieristico market in all".

According to Federagenti, moreover, "from the reading of the note of the MIT and the words of minister Toninelli indications arrive that reconfirm, if necessary, that the crocieristico traffic can be managed in the Lagoon of Venice thanks to marginal environmental impacts also in terms of billowy motion and of safety of navigation; on the other hand the alarm on the tourist impact is, numbers friendly, groundless: the crocieristi represent, in fact, an inferior percentage to 5% of the total of the tourists who invade every Venice year".

Alessandro Santi, president of the Association Agenti Raccomandatari and Marine Mediatori of Veneto, have perceived the position of the current government on the great ships to Venice as carrying out: "the attention - it has asserted - has been moved from the analysis of the technical, environmental impact and of safety of navigation to the tourist sustainability that, according to the Ministry, would be the true motivation in order to announce publicly the great cruise ships from Venice, shrinking ulteriorly the modalities of access to the marine station of the city. And this for us is after all a positive sign, because we are able, given friendly, to reassure the ministry that the traffic of the crocieristi less affects of 5% the total of the tourists (30 million visitors per year) that they daily invade the city and moreover with higher than average abilities to expense".

"On the other hand - it has added Saint - a hypothesis crowds of zero setting of the cruises on Venice risks to more prime a devastating chain reaction with the loss than 4.000 places than job in the single city of Venice, but also with effects parallels on the other ports of the high Adriatic, considering that the real motivation for which the great companies from cruise they go back it has a precise name: Venice".

According to the agents mrittimi, therefore, "just to light of the last indications of the Ministry, that it has cleared the field from false myths on the environmental impact, safety and the billowy motion, setting up of a flat Venice is time indispensable that in the city contains precise indications on the conservation of the crocieristico traffic".

"Venice, is the case to remember it - the national president of Federagenti has commented, Gian Enzo Duci - draws its historical reason to exist from the fact to be itself developed as a city port, as a store of people. To deny the existence of this harbour and marine genetic code, means to condemn the city to a passive role of city museum".

A city port, a store of people, than - perhaps yes (Salvini) or perhaps not (Of Maio/Toninelli) - the government could continue to maintain open to the landing place of the cruise ships. The only sure thing is that the landing place will be prohibited to those ships, as l'Aquarius with its migrants, that they wanted to be extended the their "cruise" until the Lagoon.

Bruno Bellio

ABB Marine Solutions

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