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08 December 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:43 GMT+1

September 12, 2018

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Trasportounito asks that in I decree governmental for Genoa are measures in support of the road haulage

Tagnochetti: without a determined participation of the State it will not be possible to assure operating continuity of the port of Genoa and the logistic system of the North the West

Trasportounito asks that in I decree governmental containing the measures in order to face the emergency determined from collapse to Genoa of the highway bridge Morandi happened to half August, provision that the Council of Ministers would have to approve of or friday tomorrow, is included dispositions in support of the road haulage.

Trade association has evidenced that "in the twenty following days collapse of the Morandi port, in a period characterized from a reduced volume of traffic goods and of city traffic, the haulers quickly have a decrease of 15% in the productive ability and the turnover, with a medium increase of an average hour and in the times of attended from and for the port of Genoa and a reduction of 15% in the engaged cars. Nothing - it has emphasized Trasportounito - regarding the forecast for the next weeks: with a medium traffic of 4.000 means on the node of Genoa, the reduction of the turnover will break 30%, with advanced mean times in tail to the three hours and a reduction of means availability for effect of the hours necessary to carry out every single service, that it will exceed 35%".

With the scope to tackle to this scene, Trasportounito has sent to the government a proposal that the association asks becomes integral part of decrees, proposed - it has specified the category representation - that it is "I yield of the analysis of detail lead on the consequences already verified of collapse of the Morandi Bridge and of a carried out projection enterprise for enterprise, is on the created operating black out in the operations of cargo-drainage between the harbour basins of Voltri and Sampierdarena, is in the connections between the port and the main centers of origin, destination and distribution of the goods".

A first participation asked from Trasportounito the government is in favor of the enterprises that will operate from and for the port of Genoa, with the demand to the executive of economic drawback for every transport that realizes an operation of cargo or drainage of the goods in the harbour and traced terminals from the computerized system E-port on which UIRNET, in the within of the management of National the Logistic Platform, it is investing in synergy with the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western. "Requisitioned - it has specified the association of the road haulage - it is that the road haulage enterprise demonstrates of being regularly recorded to the harbour registrar's office and to have used personal travelling in regulating possession of badge of acknowledgment for the effettuazione of the access to the terminalistici gate ones".

According to participation demanded he is in favor of the enterprises of road haulage residents or with operating center recorded in the Municipalities pertaining to the metropolitan city of Genoa, companies - it has explained the association - "that they will endure consequent specific damages to a warehouse management, organizational and logistic which placed inside of the congestionamento areas. Draft for example - it has specified Trasportounito - also of the couriers and the conveyors of the field perishable goods for which the association has asked agevolative measures for fiscal type, contributive and lavoristico. Between the previewed measures they figure: exemption REGIONAL BUSINESS TAX; reduction medium rates rate INAIL; exemption IRPEF; greater value of reimbursement of the octrois weighing on the automotive gas oil consumption to partial exception of the norm of reference and second the parameters of law 28.12.2015, n. 208 (Law of Stability 2016); greater value of reduction compensated of the highway tolls; greater value of the forfetaria deduction for the haulers of goods on behalf of a third party, previewed in only measure for transport carried out personally from the entrepreneur beyond the territory of the Municipality in which the enterprise for the period of tax 2018 (of art. the 66, codicil 5 has center according to, TUIR); incentives to the purchase of new vehicles to reduced environmental impact (class euro 6); tax rebate and forms facilitated of travelling and for staff clerical contribution; extraordinary contributions for the assumption of the travelling staff; allocation deep for formation on the job (practical in road) to the aim to insert new travelling staff; authorization redundancy fund in exception".

Trasportounito has sped up a third participation of the government face to avoid the transit from Genoa of the directed national transports in logistic areas far from the city and that, for being able to support obligatory shunting lines on A7 and A26, they have necessity of being supported from the government to cover of the extra costs. According to the association, "the support will have to regard the Italian enterprises of road haulage of things on account third party engaged in transports of long draft that, before collapse of the Morandi Bridge, journeyed on Genoa (example the transports of the fruit from the destined areas of the Italian meridione and to the French and Spanish markets) and now invited to cover highway arteries alternatives that do not imply the transit on Genoa with consequent lengthening of the drafts of distance and increase of costs".

"Alternatives do not exist unfortunately - the regional secretary for the Liguria di Trasportounito has commented, Giuseppe Tagnochetti - or Plans B. Without a determined participation of the State it will not be possible to assure that operating continuity, than all we wish, of the port of Genoa and the logistic system of the North the West".

Vincenzo Miele

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