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December 14, 2018

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Chinese marine ports, new record of traffic goods total and traffic of the container for the November month

Enlivened 754,8 million tons of cargos and 18,8 million teu

Last month the Chinese ports have enlivened altogether 1,10 billion tons of goods, with an increment of +5.0% on November 2017. In the single marine ports the traffic has totaled 754,8 million tons, figure that the new record to the month relatively constitutes of November and that it marks an increase of +7.4% on November 2017 when was established the precedence record for this month. The new maximum peak for the November month is recorded also by the internal ports that have enlivened 350,7 million tons, total that is advanced hardly some thousand tons regarding that of November 2017 when the precedence was achieved record.

Between the main ports for traffic volume, Ningbo-Zhoushan has enlivened 85,5 million tons (+9.6%), Shanghai 57,0 million tons (- 2.6%), Tangshan 55,7 million tons (+24.4%), Guangzhou 48,7 million tons (0%), Qingdao 48,6 million tons (+15.5%), Tianjin 44,7 million tons (+9.1%), Rizhao 36,4 million tons (+22.4%) and Dalian 36,0 million tons (+7.7%).

Last month the containerized trade enlivened from the Chinese ports is piled to 21,4 million teu (+5.8%), of which 18,8 million teu enlivened from the marine ports that have so marked the their new record for the month of November (+5.5% on the previous records of November 2017) and beyond 2,5 million teu enlivened from inland port that they also have established a new record, this time records absolute salary, that he turns out advanced in June to the precedence records little less than 2,5 million teu enlivened 2018 and that represents an increase of +7.9% on November 2017.

In the first eleven months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Chinese ports has been attested 12,22 billion to tons totally, with a rise of +2.7% on the period January-November of 2017, of which 8,47 billion tons enlivened from marine ports (+4.3%) and 3,75 billion tons from internal ports (- 0.5%).

In the period the main ports for traffic volume have turned out to be Ningbo-Zhoushan with 1,00 billion tons (+7.3%), Shanghai with 629,5 million tons (- 2.8%), Tangshan with 571,3 million tons (+8.7%), Guangzhou with 549,2 million tons (+5.5%), Qingdao with 493,5 million tons (+5.7%), Tianjin with 461,2 million tons (- 0.4%), Dalian with 430,4 million tons (+2.8%), Yantai with 416,8 million tons (+15.2%) and Rizhao with 403,8 million tons (+9.5%).

In the first eleven months of the 2018 single containerized trade it has been pairs to altogether 229,1 million teu (+5.3%), of which 203,1 million teu enlivened from marine ports (+5.3%) and 26,0 million teu from inland port (+5.5%). The greater volumes of traffic are enlivened by the ports of Shanghai with 38,4 million teu (+4.2%), Ningbo-Zhoushan with 24,5 million teu (+7.4%), Shenzhen with 23,6 million teu (+2.0%), Guangzhou with 19,7 million teu (+7.1%), Qingdao with 17,6 million teu (+5.4%), Tianjin with 14,8 million teu (+6.0%), Xiamen with 9,8 million teu (+3.3%) and Dalian with 9,1 million teu (+0.6%).

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