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December 28, 2018

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In the first eleven months of this year the ports of Naples and Salerno have enlivened 950 thousand container (+5.4%)

The crocieristi have been 1,1 million (+15.4%)

In the first eleven months of this year the containerized trade enlivened from the ports of Naples and Salerno, both administered from the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central, is piled to 10,6 million tons, with an increment of +0.5% on the period January-November of 2017. The increase is generated by the increase of recorded +6.0% from the single harbour port of call of Naples, in which tons are enlivened 5,4 million, that it has more than compensated the marked decrease of the -4,6% from the port of Salerno, where the traffic have been than less 5,2 million tons.

In terms of containers from 20 feet (teu) enlivened, in the first eleven months of the 2018 two of Campania harbour ports of call they have totaled 950 thousand teu (+5.4%), of which 530 thousand teu enlivened from the port of Naples (+13.0%) and 420 thousand teu from the port of Salerno (- 2.9%). In particular, to Naples the container in arrival +12.4%) and those in departure 258 thousand (+13.6% have been 272 thousand (); the container in transfer 23.5%) and those to the disembarkation and boarding 511 thousand teu (+15.1% have been almost 20 thousand teu (-), of which 375 thousand full (+7.3%) and 136 thousand empty (+44.1%). To Salerno the containers in arrival have attested to 224 thousand teu (+5.1%) and those in departure to 196 thousand teu (- 10.6%); the traffic of transhipment has been pairs to 15 thousand teu (+3.4%) while the container to the disembarkation/boarding is piled to 405 thousand teu (- 3.1%), of which 307 thousand full (- 1.9%) and 98 thousand empty (- 6.7%).

As for the traffic of the rotabili, in the period January-November of this year the two ports have enlivened 12,4 million tons of cargos ro-ro (- 4.5%), of which 5,0 million tons in the port of Naples (- 6.4%) and 7,3 million tons to Salerno (- 3.1%). Altogether in the port of Naples, in terms of enlivened rotabili means, the traffic has been of 515 thousand unit (- 9.2%), of which 237 thousand unit ro-ro (- 4.6%) and 278mil private vehicles (- 12.8%), while in the port of Salerno the average total has been of 605 thousand (+4.1%), of which 215 thousand unit ro-ro (- 3.9%), 41 thousand private vehicles (+75.0%) and 349 thousand commercial vehicles (+4.4%).

In the port of Naples, moreover, tons of liquid bulk (+4.4% are enlivened 4,8 million), of which 3,5 million producing tons of oil refined (+3.1%), 958 thousand oil tons of producing gaseous, which liquified or compressed and natural gas (- 0.9%) and 400 thousand tons of other cargos liquids (+37.1%). To Salerno a traffic of 130 thousand is enlivened tons of solid bulk (+5.9%).

In the field of the passengers the first eleven months of the 2018 have been archived item with total 1,1 million crocieristi enlivened in the two ports (+15.4%), of which 1,0 million (+18.7%) and 99 thousand as home port (- 10.3%, and with in transit 7,3 million passengers of the regular services (+1.8%), of which 985 thousand fleeting of ferries (+5.7%) and 6,2 million passengers transported from local marine services (+1.3%).

In the single port of Naples the crocieristi have been less than 1,1 million (+15.3%) and in the port of Salerno 76 thousand (+17.0%). To Naples the passengers of the regular lines have been 6,5 million (+0.8%), of which 816 thousand fleeting of the services with advanced travels to 20 miles (- 0.3%) and 5,7 million passengers of local lines (+0.9%), and to Salerno 753 thousand (+11.8%), of which 170 thousand on the advanced routes to 20 miles (+48.5%) and 582 thousand of local services (+4.3%).

"A very positive year for the ports of the Campania under the profile of the market dynamism is being shut - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea has commented Central, Pietro Spirito -. The operators have worked with great determination and effectiveness to the service of the tourist and productive development for our territory. 2019 - Spirit has remembered - will be the year in which we will complete, in spring, the dredging of the port of Naples and we will begin, to November, the dredging of the port of Salerno. We are placing the conditions in order to consolidate the development of the marine traffics, realizing those attended infrastructural potenziamenti for a long time, that they will be able to offer to new opportunity in order to consolidate the competitive role of our ports of call. We will continue, in a logic of cooperation between private public and, to operate for the improvement of marine connectivity of the Campania and Southern Italy. With 2019 the Economic Zone of the Campania, centralized on the ports of Naples, Salerno will become also operating Special and Castellammare. Also this initiative will serve to return us stronger, attracting investments industrial that are the condition in order to grow the volume of the exchanges. We will then accommodate in the first half of July the Universiadi in the port of Naples, and this will be sure an important international window for the tourist development of our ports and our region".

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