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26 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:05 GMT+2

January 11, 2019

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In the 2018 port of Amsterdam it has enlivened a traffic record of 82,3 million tons of goods

Increment of +3% of the exports, while the import he has remained stable

In the 2018 port of Amsterdam it has enlivened 82,3 million tons of goods, total that represents the new record anniversary of traffic of the Dutch port of call having exceeded the total of 81,3 million tons enlivened in 2017 when maximum anniversary was recorded the precedence peak.

The Harbour Authority of Amsterdam has announced that the marked increase last year is attributable mainly to the increase of +19% of the traffic of agricultural bulk, gone up to 8,4 million tons, the rise of +68% of the traffic of the container and to that of +8% of the traffic of materials from construction, that is piled to 7,4 million tons. In increase they have turned out also the not oil liquid bulk, that they have totaled 2,7 million tons (+23%), and the bulk sand banks, you attest yourself to 2,9 million tons (+13%), let alone the traffic of the conventional rotabili and the goods that has been pairs to 2,3 million tons (+24%).

The traffic of producing oil (44,5 million tons) has turned out stable, while the coal traffic is diminished of -18% to the 13 million one tons.

Totally the traffic in import through the port of Rotterdam has been of 50,6 million tons, analogous volume to that of 2017, and that of export is piled to 31,7 million tons (+3%).

Altogether last year the harbour system of Amsterdam, constituted from the ports of call of Amsterdam, Ijmuiden, Beverwijk and Zaanstad, has enlivened 101,8 million tons regarding 97,6 million tons in 2017, of which 18,6 million tons enlivened to Ijmuiden (+1%), 0,7 million tons to Beverwijk (- 9%) and 0,2 million tons to Zaanstad (- 30%).

About the crocieristico traffic, in the 2018 port of Amsterdam it is climbed by 180 cruise ships, figure that constitutes the new record anniversary, while the traffic of crocieristi has been of 425.600 passengers, analogous to that of 2017.

Vincenzo Miele

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