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January 30, 2019

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FuoriMuro denunciation that works in the port of Genoa risks to put in danger the survival of the company

The critical society the modalities of programming of the yard of the railway park of Voltri Sea

FuoriMuro, the society that carries out the service of railway maneuver in the port of Genoa, has denounced that the business continuity risks to being compromised from the consequences of the recent river-planning of the yard in the railway park of Voltri Sea, with work that will allow to be extended the railroads until 750 meters but that from on 21 January - has explained the company - interruptions cause on the railroads in the night time slots and on the weekends and have provoked a collapse of 20% of the operativity, situation that, if extended until the end of 2019 so as currently previewed, will put to fort risk the survival of the company.

"The initial plan of the work - it has specified the managing director of FuoriMuro, Guido Porta - previewed execution modality that, also limiting the railway operativity, they diminished the impacts negatives on the circulation and represented a sustainable compromise between the brought uneasiness and the benefits attended from the future potenziamento of the port of call which the participations are finalized". The company has specified that however, because of the delay of about a year in the start of the work and the urgency respecting the expiration previewed for their completion (December 2019), the choice to operate all the nights rather than to concentrate the activities of the Sunday yard has determined an impact very more important on the activities of handling regarding how much at first previewed. FuoriMuro has evidenced that, moreover, such river-planning, that has changed completely the reference scene, is communicated to the company solo from little weeks and at the moment no proposal alternative between those introduced by the society is taken in consideration.

Remembering that FuoriMuro already is interested by losses for about 600.000 euros because of the interruption of the traffics for 50 days for the tragedy of Morandi Bridge, the society has emphasized that such situation puts in knee the rail shipment on the whole because will involve a migration of the flows in favor of the truck that could not be easy reconquered afterwards. To this - it has found moreover the company - it goes added that the schedulazione of the work in October previews at the moment beyond 15 days of closing total of the line, own when the traffics reach their peak generally, contrarily to the demand for FuoriMuro to concentrate such activity in the summery period.

FuoriMuro, specifying that the company considers however that the work of potenziamento of Voltri Sea is favorable important and, has announced to have asked is to Italian Railway Net (RFI) that directly to own outsourcer, the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, to as soon as possible find solutions that they allow to find modality of execution of the work alternatives or, in they absence, to supply to the compensation for the caused losses.

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