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23 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:23 GMT+2

February 11, 2019

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A relationship of the IEA confirmation that the railroad is the modality of more efficient and less polluting transport

The study is realized in collaboration with the UIC

The railroad is between the more efficient and less polluting modalities of transport. It emphasizes the UIRR (International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport today) evidencing that such peculiarities of the rail shipment are confirmed by the last relationship published from the International Agency of Energy (IEA) from the title "The Future of Rail Freight" that is realized in collaboration with the UIC (Union Internationale DES Chemins de fer) and that rimarca as this modality you transport world-wise 8% of the total of the passengers and 7% of the total of the goods, but represents alone 2% of the total power consumption of the field of the transports.

In particular, the relationship of the IEA explains that the railway services less consume than 0,6 million barrels of oil to the day, pairs to about 0.6% of the consumption total, and about 290 terawattora of electricity, pairs to beyond 1% of the total consumption of electricity, and are responsible for 0.3% about of the emissions of co2 produced from fossil fuel and of 0.3% of the emissions of thin particulate matter (PUBLIC PROSECUTOR 2,5). The study finds that if currently all the services of rail shipment were replaced by services of street transport, the world-wide consumption of oil generated from the transport services would turn out advanced of eight million barrels to day (15%) and the produced gas emissions greenhouse from the equivalent transports would increase of 1,2 gigatonnellate of C02.

The UIRR evidences as the main results of the relationship indicate that I use intensive and strategic of the rail shipment of the passengers of the goods can do so as that the peak of the emissions produced from the entire field of the transport is reached at the end of the decade of 2030 and that in such case in the 2050 activity of rail shipment of the goods will turn out tripled regarding the levels of 2017. Intensive and strategic use ("High Rail Scene") that it previews an average annual of investments in trains and railway infrastructures pairs to 770 billion dollars respect to a forecast base ("Base Scene") that, being to the projects currently in program and under construction, previews that in the 2050 investments anniversaries in railway infrastructures they will pile to 315 million dollars.

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