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28 November 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:22 GMT+1

May 2, 2019

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Confetra subjects to the candidates to the new European Parliament "the more warm" topics of the logistics

Today first of a series of encounters

In sight of the next European electoral consultations in program on 26 May the Confetra - General Confederation Italiana of the Transports and the Logistics has introduced today an own regarding manifesto various topics on which in the next weeks it will be confronted in a series of encounters with the main leaders of the political forces and with many of the candidates the new European Parliament, first of which it is in program tonight in Liguria between the president of Confetra, Nereo Marcucci, and the management team of the genoese logistic cluster with the vice minister to the Transports, Edoardo Rixi, and the candidate of the Marco Campomenosi Alloy.

Between the topics which examined from of the Confetra there is that of the proposal of delay of the regime of exemption Block Exemption Consortia Regulation (TO DRINK) in favor of the great shipowning companies of the transport containers, with regard to which the Confederation evidences that "to protect national the logistic industry it means also to avoid that the oligopolistiche concentrations between shipping linens end in order to occupy the entire phantom of the activities of transport and handling goods from origin to destiny". According to Confetra, such delay "is sustainable single in a renewed regolatorio picture that safeguards pluralism and the competition in the market of the logistics inland. We support - the Confederation explains - the national armament and the flag, we support every facility turns to rationalize the offer of hold of the companies, we support eventual facilities for the investments for green switch that they will have shortly to support or that they are already supporting, but - Confetra emphasizes - is indispensable guardian the substantial terzietà of the industry of the supply chain logistic regarding the great carriers of the marine transport".

With regard to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Confetra observes that "it more serves more Europe for a dialogue with balanced China. It is conflicting - the Italian Confederation finds - to run aground it negotiate in within EU - It lowers Connectivity Platform, and then to proceed parallel with bilateral understandings between Single Member States and Beijing. If the demands advanced from the EC (reciprocity in the opening for the markets and the customs policies, transparency in the confidences, environmental and social sustainability of the investments) are shared, must always be worth for all the European Countries and. Almost the totality of they instead has already undersigned in various modalities bilateral agreements, to miscellaneous title re-entering in the goal project BRI. Sometimes of sub-regional character (Group 16 + 1). Divide et impera it does not play into the hands of economic, industrial and logistic the interests European".

Moreover, for Confetra, for all the communitarian extra investments in EU "it is necessary tightening Regolamento more, in the merit, and equal for all the Member States, in the method. Strategic or sensitive infrastructures and enterprises for the national interest, so as for that communitarian one - the Confederation evidences - they must be removed to the pure lucrative will of (the not) rules of market. True European politics of governance in these decisive withins for the development and the increase, appear very more effective profit and than any protezionista regressive choice inspired to custom offices and barriers to the free market".

Confetra exhorts also to a "full performance but homogenous" between the Member States of the Customs Code of the EU and about the escape of the United Kingdom from the European Union the Confederation observes that, "any will be the choice that the British and communitarian institutions will want to assume, will be decisive to avoid excessive negative repercussions on the traffics and the commercial relations between London and the Union".

With respect to the completion and development of the European infrastructural net, Confetra finds that, "after to have supported a first season of participations you turn to above all favor the internal connections between the Member States, for the development areas behind schedule, and after to have launched and by now almost completed the process of intraeuropeo connection through politics of the Corridors, it is time come the moment structurally to set the topic of the connections between the total EU and markets, to begin from the fronts Oriental (Eurasia and China) and the Mediterranean (Countries of the Side South and Africa).
The update of the Nets TRIES previewed in 2023 - for Confetra - will have to be the occasion in order to rediscuss about Total Net, Central Net, Core nodes and comprehensive, finalizzazione of the deep CEF, valorization of innovative and immaterial experiences founded on the technological evolutions (Fast Corridor). With the DG IT MOVES - the Confederation emphasizes - goes opened I confront organic on the strategic role of Italy which main "European border" of the Mediterranean depositor".

Between the other topics touched from there is that of the environmental sustainability and the transports, with Confetra that confirmation own support to all the communitarian choices times to favor a more sustainable transport goods and passengers from the environmental point of view and that in the past couple of years emphasizes the good results achieved thanks to Ferrobonus and Marebonus, incentives - evidence the Confederation that "go renegotiated with the EC so that they are profitable permanent and destinabili mostly to the goods that choose the train or the ship to the place of the "all road"".

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