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August 5, 2019

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Al via in the port of Ancona the project for the digitalisation of the customs procedures for the Freeways of the Sea

The system will be extended to the traffic of the container

Agency of Customs and the Monopolies and Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale a protocol has undersigned to Rome that active an advanced and innovative process of digital control and marking of the transport of the goods on ferries and in perspective on the container inside of the port of Ancona. The harbour agency has explained that draft "of an innovative solution that is experienced not to case in a port leader for the traffic you ferry yourself international, that allows to widen the harbour spaces virtually graces to a system software of artificial intelligence in a position to monitoring and independently controlling the means flows in boarding and disembarkation and that then will be extended to the traffic containers of the port of call".

The TinS project - Transfer in safety, shared also from the provincial Command of the Customs corps, already is activated experimentally and by june 2018 and has allowed the displacement of all the heavy means that paused in the historical port of Ancona, waiting for boarding, and that now they are placed in an external customs area to the port, the intermodal terminal Marotti Port of call(on 26 June 2018)

The AdSP has specified that the project has the scope to inside reduce the distance of heavy means of the harbour port of call, with a annual saving estimated in 60 thousand kilometers, and that, thanks to the acquired system of artificial intelligence from the Authority of Harbour System and put on of Agency of Customs, Customs corps and operators of the port of call, the means in boarding and disembarkation will be traced in every they displacement during the entire distance that will lead them from the customs parking to the boarding areas and vice versa. Every anomaly in this distance will come without the need marked to the staff of customs Police of a direct and continuous control by the staff. The understanding previews, moreover, to realize infrastructures for the customs inspections and the autorizzative procedures for the goods in transit in the port of Ancona besides to promote the interoperability between the informative systems already used from the Agency of Customs and the Monopolies and from the Authority of harbour system.

Remembering that the commercial vehicles that must carry out customs, before being able to leave the port, must carry out practical the customs ones that authorizes the import or the export and that these practical can be completed alone with means in pause in a customs zone connected to the docks of the ferries, the general secretary of the Authority of Harbour System, Matteo Paroli, have emphasized that "with this system of control, in real time, it becomes possible to use external logistic areas to the port without having to in transit install some device on the means, element of strong innovation regarding the precedence experiences in the national ports that allows to save times, economic resources, with guarantee of a greater documentary precision". The president of the harbour agency, Rodolfo Giampieri, has evidenced that this project of institutional collaboration, realized thanks to the strait partnership with Agency of Customs and of the Monopolies and provincial Command of the Customs corps, "he not only goes to advantage of the job of all the port, with a clear velocizzazione of the passage of the goods, but also of the community and the city with a great rationalization of the incidence of the traffic of means in the port of call that carries naturally to smaller emissions. Fundamental - it has specified - the involvement, in all this process, of the Ministry of Infrastructures always careful to the technological innovation in the ports".

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