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August 8, 2019

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The public UNCTAD the index PLSCI that classifies the position of the ports in the world-wide Network of the services of containerized marine transport

Relatively to the 2019 ranking it sees to the first Shanghai place. Between the Italians, first they are Genoa, Gioia Tauro and La Spezia

To the article yesterday of presentation of the widening including you the world-wide ports of the Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (LSCI), the defined index in order to estimate the access of the nations to the world-wide net of containerized marine transport(on 7 August 2019), the Conference of the United Nations on the Commerce and Development (UNCTAD) it has made to follow the publication of Port LSCI (PLSCI), index whose scope is to characterize the position of every port in the within of the total Network of the marine services of line. So as index LSCI, also new the PLSCI is based on the maximum rating pairs to 100 reported to the 2006 that for that year it is assigned to the port of Hong Kong.

Index PLSCI, that it is generated for beyond 900 world-wide ports container, is the result of six members supplied from the society of British advising MDSTransmodal: the number of ports of call of ships in the port to the week; the ability total of containerized trade anniversary of the port measured in unit equivalents to twenty feet (teu); the number of services of regular transport of line from and for the port; the number of navigation companies that supply services from and for the port; the medium dimension in teu of the ships employed in the line service that anticipates the greater medium dimension of the ships; the number of other ports that are connected to the port through services of direct transport of line (a direct service is defined as a regular service between two ports and can include other intermediate ports of call, but without the need to carry out the container transfer).

Relatively per year 2019, ranking that evidently is compiled on the base of composite indices from data of schedule and of other programmed information from companies and ports and not to consuntivo, classifies sees it to the first place the port of Shanghai with a 134 index continuation from Singapore (125), Busan (114), Ningbo (114), Hong Kong (103), Antwerp (94), Rotterdam (93), Qingdao (93), Port Klang (86) and Kaohsiung (83).

As for the Italian ports, the port of call with the greater index is Genoa with 53 (52 in 2018) followed by Gioia Tauro with 49 (42), La Spezia with 41 (44), Trieste with 36 (31), Livorno with 27 (25), Naples with 26 (23), Civitavecchia with 22 (22), Venice with 20 (22), Salerno with 16 (22), Cagliari with 11 (15), Ravenna with 10 (10), Ancona with 10 (10), Vado Ligure with 7 (6), Catania with 6 (4), Savona with 5 (5), Bari with 3 (2), Palermo with 3 (2), Trapani with 3 (inferior index to 1), Marina di Carrara with 2 (2), Pozzallo with 2 (2), Porto Torres with 2 (2), Olbia with 1 (1) and Monfalcone with 1 (1). The relative indices to the ports of Brindisi, Port Marghera and Taranto for years 2019 and 2018 turn out inferior to 1.

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Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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